Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall and Our Awakening!
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Symbolism holds no allegiance to any group, identity, society, or agenda. It transcends all borders, boundaries and limitations of language. It reveals itself as self evident to those who are open and willing to listen to its silent workings.

I must apologize, friends, because this type of content is always such a large daunting task to outline in a linear narrative that It can drive one insane trying to pull this much from the amorphous aether into a tangible and cohesive format, so I spend countless hours just trying to arrange, organize and rearrange my thoughts and pieces to where they have the most fluent impact. I hope I paint a clear canvas here.

I shit you not, this is going to be one of, if not THE most PROFOUND works that you will ever see until the very day that you die. I'm not playing around anymore. It's time to pull out ALL THE STOPS and LAY IT ALL ON THE LINE, raise the stakes, up the ante, and show you what hand im holding against the "King of the World." It's going to come fast and furious the further we go from this point on. Strap on your hard hat, because HEAVY WEIGHT KNOWLEDGE is going to start reigning down and the masters of this world are about to get completely PWNED! 


I cant believe I didn't notice the Trump Cabinet's Ozymandias Veidt Industries/ Pyramid Transnational ROYAL ELITE PURPEL AND GOLD MK UltraViolet symbolism until now! Let's unpack this bold and adept symbolic CABAListic display by the Illuminati Trump Administration. 

To give you an intro summary, quoting this explanation by Tribunist : 

"The internet has been abuzz in recent weeks about the multi-colored, triangle shaped lapel pins that many of Donald Trump’s top staffers have been spotted wearing.

Trump adviser Michael Cohen was on CNN, sporting the same pin.

Some people speculated that the pins represented some secret Illuminati club. Others thought it might even be supernatural, or a signal to aliens (remember, this is the internet we’re talking about).

Well, calm down internet, apparently it’s just an age old tactic used by the Secret Service to quickly identify high level staffers in a crowd of people.
The Secret Service has apparently long used slight visual cues placed on staffers and protected persons’ bodies.
Of course, that could just be a concocted cover story thought up by our secret, immortal, alien masters." -

Ya, thats funny, because it IS ALL OF THE ABOVE! A DEAD GIVEAWAY as it always is, and as I've exposed countless times before in almost ALL of their most recent extremely symbolic mass shooting false flag attacks! Their symbolism will be their downfall, as the adept can easily trace the calling cards used to communicate agendas amongst various secret societies unified under one global cabal, a "NEW WORLD ORDER of centralized control and commerce."  

Now, let's rock your world with the esoteric meaning behind this flagrant flaunting of Adept royal EL-ite symbolism. This is going to get YUGE. 

The mysterious PURPLE AND GOLD PYRAMID lapel pin is NO MYSTERY to me. It's a direct allusion to the ancient royal priesthoods and pharaonic bloodlines. We will FULLY blow the mind with the depth and intricacy of the sheer SIGNificance of ROYAL ELITE PURPLE AND GOLD further all throughout the article. In particular, the pin is a direct homologous correspondence with the comic series Logo of VEIDT ENTERPRISES, an ultra Elite ELiminati worldwide conglomerate headed by Adrian Alexander Veidt a.k.a. OZYMANDIAS who is a main character in Watchmen series published by DC Comics, in which he serves as the main antagonist.

 Veidt Enterprises is the marketing propaganda and finance front for Veidt's Global transport service PYRAMID TRANSNATIONAL, which he uses to smuggle covert and advanced energy weapons and carry out various high level nefarious activities around Manhattan and abroad in order to accomplish his Great Plan to save the world, by devising the world's largest ever False Flag attack, staged by a fabricated alien invasion in order to unite humanity against the looming threat of nuclear holocaust. 

More on that further on.  The company was named as an homage to the Egyptian pyramids, betraying a connection with Veidt Enterprises, and their logo was a simple purple triangle enclosed by a circle.

Veidt Enterprises is comprised of many buildings, most of which the  interior is in the decorative style of EGYPTIAN AND MESOPOTAMIAN ROYALTY. In fact, Veidt is a representation or reincarnated embodiment of ALEXANDER THE GREAT. 

"Veidt embarked on a vision quest, following the route of Alexander the Great - a childhood idol of his and his father's - throughout the Mediterranean, Asia Minor along the Black Sea north toward Gordium. He entered Egypt through Memphis, then Alexandria, Kabul, Samarkhand, and went down the Indus to Tibet, where he gathered martial knowledge and got a ball of hashish. He stopped to Babylon where Alexander had died and pondered his failings.[2]
He then returned to Alexandria where Alexander's body was buried. It was during a journey in the desert that he consumed a ball of hashish and saw a vision. He decided to conquer the evils of men by becoming a superhero .[2]

Returning to America, he named himself "Ozymandias" and became a costumed vigilante adopting the name of Rameses II and Alexander's free-booting style. Initially, he tried ending injustice by demolishing crime syndicates and focused particularly on organized crime."

Veidt Enterprises also holds at least one building in the frozen wastelands of Antarctica, called Karnak, a large dome inside which there is a large experimental rain forest, living quarters and labs.

The parallels and sync correspondence between Trump and Ozymandias are ABSOLUTELY STAGGERING!  

Now you know why Trump loves his purple ties so much, and why his campaign podium was always PURPLE, because he himself renders the purple complimented by the GOLD hair and ORANGE AMBER skin!  More on that later.

Veidt Enterprises manufactures everything from the famous lingerie and make-up line Nostalgia to super-hero action figures, just as Trump has various worldwide global enterprises with his brand name in every fad he can get his tiny hands on from "fine apparel," neckties made in China, Au De Toilet colognes, real estate, even Trump steaks. He will attach his name to anything he can to exploit it without shame.  

"Seeing how Veidt conforms to and manipulates the market with subconscious imageries (this is obvious in his letter to Angela Neuberg in Chapter XI) combined with the fact that his products are everywhere makes us imagine how much influence and control he has over the minds and opinions of the people."


Both Trump and Ozymandias are born from rich German Immigrants. 

What's astounding is that both VEIDT and TRUMP have vested interest and are on the financial leash of ROTHSCHILD INC rich German immigrant illuminati banking dynasty!

Trump is no outsider to the illuminati. He is an Illumnus of the Illumni and is owned and controlled, handled by the ELders of ELiminati Zion. 


Let me preface by explaining the duality of color symbolism in parapsychology. The PURPLE and GOLD is the same as PURPLE and ORANGE because yellow GOLD tints into the ORANGE/ red spectrum as AMBER which is the color of EMBER ORANGE of the sun which shifts from blue spectrum as white or yellow into ORANGE AMBER EMBER as the day or season wanes.

Hence, the POLAR OPPOSITES or DUALITY of the color wheel equates the PURPLE AND GOLD as being a slight shift but the same primary and complimentary duality as RED AND BLUE, representing the DUALITY of the cycles of nature, the summer and winter or day and night.

We will return to this segment further on...

PURPLE is used symbolically from ancient Canaa Phoenicia as TYRIAN or ROYAL PURPLE also known as Tyrian red, Phoenician purple, royal purple, imperial purple or imperial dye, is a reddish-purple natural dye from TYRE, the trade and commerce capital of Phoenicia, which gives us TYRANT, TYRANNY, and is the color worn by ancient tyrants, representing tyranny. 

 To rehash the full backstory quickly, Tyrian purple comes from the secretion of a rare sea snail called murex, and is so expensive that it was only reserved for ROYALTY as a symbol of STATUS. Its significance is such that the name Phoenicia means 'land of purple.'

It came in various shades, the most prized being that of "blackish CLOTTED BLOOD". This is because ROYAL CRIMSON PURPLE is the color of PASSION which comes from "SUFFERING" which is the color of BRUISING AND BEATING, ABUSE, hence CRIMSON PURPLE BLOOD! 


Hence why the christian churches have the PURPLE PASSION and GOLD robes representing the royal PASSION  "suffering" of the Christ! 

“The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication. And on her forehead a name was written: Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother of Harlots and of the Abominations of the Earth.” (Revelations chapter 17:4-6).

The scarlett woman is Phoenician "Queen of Heaven" Asherah. It should be known that Asherah is the consort of the Semitic god EL whos is Roman SATURN, which will come hugely into play further on.

Royalty are the ones who wore the robes. ROBE comes from "TO ROB" but that's for another time.  

This is why the PASSION FLOWER is named after ROYAL PURPLE.  The name was given by missionaries in Brazil as an educational aid while trying to convert the indigenous inhabitants to Christianity; its name was flor das cinco chagas or "flower of the five wounds" to illustrate the crucifixion of Christ, with other plant components also named after an emblem in the Passion of Jesus.

I think It's, hands down, the baddest ass and most beautifull flower ever! It's sheer vibrance seems to transcend into the UltraViolet spectrum. (This segment should've fit better further up by the Jesus Passion, but it's too late now, the struggle is real)

It seems akin to the purple thistle. At some stages of growth, it even resembles a one eyed, one horned, flying purple people eating monster! We will get to that at the end about the one eyed alien monster. WHAT? There's an alien monster in here as well?! Of course there is!

The Purple Passion flower emanates the same geometrical morphology in physics of the human metaphysical BLOSSOMING PURPLE CROWN SAHASRARA CHAKRA, as the the 1000 petaled lotus blossom, representing the highest or shortest frequency wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum. 

When consciousness as electrical energy is circuited from your gential sacral plexus up the spine to the crown of your head, while also grounding the circuit to the earth, this acts in the same manner as the thermometer or the Tesla Coil and activates the dormant cells of the cerebrum, thus opening your Passion flower Blossom and crowning you with your RoyEL nobility and spiritual sovereignty to see from an ever higher perspective.

. See my full
Symbols of Power film series to understand the extreme symbolic and scientific depth in that.

PURPLE AND GOLD is the color parapsychology of the PURPLE HEART medal, which gets its name for the same reason of being wounded in battle, hence the CRIMSON PURPLE PRIZE OF CLOTTED BLOOD! However, there carries a second exoteric meaning of the mixing of the deoxygenated Darker (maroon) blood with the oxygentated bright red, hence the Sacred Purple Heart of valor and courage, and thus the colors of SELF SACRIFICE.

Now that I had to go off track from the flow of the presentation about the negatives of the purpetraitors, lets get back to the purple robers... I mean robbers.

Police wear #Tyrian Royal Purple to go from #fascist to fabulous "friendly" in just a simple change of wardrobe! Voila!! 

If only we could make our sociopathic tyrannical overlords no longer carry out the orders of evil just by wearing ROYAL TYRIAN PURPLE! Oh, wait... oops.... 

The color purple is not typically the "color of friendship," as the Department Of Justice would have you believe..... never mind the fact that this change to purple uniforms is just a "PR" stunt to boost the IMAGE of "friendly" officers, but it completely overlooks making actual CHANGE in relations with the public, rather just a weak attempt at portraying a "good guy" IMAGE. 

That's like shitting your pants and just spraying some perfume to cover it up, rather than putting on clean pants!


"Police to use purple uniforms to “soften image”-

The Sochi Police wear #Tyrian Royal Purple to go from #fascist to "friendly" in just a simple change of wardrobe! Voila!!


This is actually about the Corporate Policy Enforcers who beat the living fuck out of everything that moves to a purple bloody pulp fiction, including shooting your dog, raiding the wrong house and capping your granny, as well as ambushing handicapped and mentally retarded people, not having any understanding of personal empathic relations and thus violently violating them on the highways and in their own homes when called upon to help resolve a problem, but they end the problem with a bullet, and working for the interests of the Royal Tyrants and the Crown Corporation, as the very origins of cops and police comes from constables working in the private interest of protecting to the royal livestock chattel, and to act as the strongarm of the ROYAL ROBBERS to STEAL or COP resources from the poor and to give it to the royal ELites, just as they also do today as ruled by the United States Supreme Court, which means THEY ARE NOT HIGHERED TO PROTECT AND SERVE YOU, the profession was ESTABLISHED TO PROTECT AND SERVE THE CORPORATE ROYALTY AND COMPANIES!

The Following is included in my full presentation on "The Truth About Police: Military, Government and Terror"

Dr. Gary Potter is a professor of online and on-campus courses for the EKU School of Justice Studies. His current research areas include transnational organized crime, human trafficking and the sex industry, and drug trafficking by teenagers in rural Kentucky. The following excerpt is from "The History of Policing in the United States." >  

"More than crime, modern police forces in the United States emerged as a response to "disorder." What constitutes social and public order depends largely on who is defining those terms, and in the cities of 19th century America they were defined by the mercantile interests, who through taxes and political influence supported the development of bureaucratic policing institutions. These economic interests had a greater interest in social control than crime control. Private and for profit policing was too disorganized and too crime-specific in form to fulfill these needs. The emerging commercial elites needed a mechanism to insure a stable and orderly work force, a stable and orderly environment for the conduct of business, and the maintenance of what they referred to as the "collective good" (Spitzer and Scull 1977).

These mercantile interests also wanted to divest themselves of the cost of protecting their own enterprises, transferring those costs from the private sector to the state."  The use of force to effect an arrest was as controversial in the 1830s and 1840s as it is today. Because the police were primarily engaged in enforcing public order laws against gambling and drunkenness, surveilling immigrants and freed slaves, and harassing labor organizers, public opinion favored restrictions on the use of force.

But the value of armed, paramilitary presence, authorized to use, indeed deadly force, served the interests of local economic elites who had wanted organized police departments in the first place. The presence of a paramilitary force, occupying the streets, was regarded as essential because such "organizations intervened between the propertied elites and propertyless masses who were regarded as politically dangerous as a class"  Political machines at the turn of the century, were in fact, the primary modality through which crime was organized in urban areas. 

Politicians ran or supervised gambling, prostitution, drug distribution and racketeering. In fact, organized crime and the dominant political parties of American cities were one in the same. Politicians also employed and protected the many white-youth gangs that roamed the cities, using them to intimidate opponents, to get out the vote (by force if necessary), and to extort "political contributions" from local businesses. At the dawn of the 20th century, police were, at least de facto, acting as the enforcement arm of organized crime in virtually every big city."

PURPLE descends from ancient Mediterranean ROYALTY/ MONARCHY to the ROYAL HOUSE OF WINDSOR / SAXO COBURG AND GOTHA, which is GOTHAM, hence it's allusion to MANHATTAN (GOTHAM).


ORANGE/ AMBER and PURPLE represents the ROYAL DUTCH HOUSE OF ORANGE NASSAU, the royal DUTCH EAST INDIA COMPANY who is the worlds largest and most powerful commercial transnational trade industry and is founded the city of MANHATTAN when Henry Hudson sailed into manahatta bay on SEPT 11! These two Houses work intimately together in Alliance of Empire to RULE THE WORLD in service of the  Semitic House of EL!

 Flag of the Netherlands (LAND OF THE DEAD). 

"The Loyal Orange Institution, more commonly known as the Orange Order, is a Protestantfraternal order based primarily in Northern Ireland. It also has a Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland in the Scottish Lowlands and other lodges throughout the Commonwealth, as well as in the United States and Togo.[1][2][3] The Orange Order was founded in County Armaghin 1795, during a period of Protestant–Catholic sectarian conflict, as a Masonic-style fraternity sworn to maintain the Protestant Ascendancy. It is headed by the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, which was established in 1798. Its name is a tribute to the Dutch-born Protestant king William of Orange, who defeated the army of Catholic king James II in the Williamite–Jacobite War (1688–1691). Its members wear orange sashes and are referred to as Orangemen. The order is best known for its yearly marches, the biggest of which are held on or around 12 July ('The Twelfth')."

The Order of the House of Orange (Dutch: Huisorde van Oranje), sometimes referred to as the House Order of Orange, is a dynastic order of the House of Orange-Nassau, the royal family of the Netherlands similar to the Royal Victorian Order in the United Kingdom. The order was instituted by Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands on 19 March 1905 and is not subject to ministerial responsibility or influence, but is awarded at the discretion of the Dutch monarch alone.

The Orange Order is a conservative British unionist organisation[4][5] with links to Ulster loyalism. It campaigned against Scottish independence in 2014.[6] The Order sees itself as defending Protestant civil and religious liberties, whilst critics accuse the Order of being sectarian, triumphalist,[7][8][9][10] and supremacist.[10][11][12][13] It has also been criticised for associating with loyalist paramilitary groups. As a Protestant society, it does not accept non-Protestants as members unless they convert and adhere to the principles of Orangeism, nor does it accept Protestants married to Catholics.[14][15][16] Orange marches through mainly Catholic and nationalist neighbourhoods in Northern Ireland are controversial and have often led to violence.[17][18]" 

ORANGE is the color parapsychology of WARNING! AMBER ALERT! THE FORSHADOWING OF A CERTAIN IMPENDING ATTACK OR VIOLENCE leading to BLOODY DEATH, hence BLOOD ORANGE! In nature it is the color of her WARNING that the FALL of the season of the SUN is imminent, when all the leaves turn ORANGE to warn that the sun will surely die soon as it enters the EMBER AMBER months. 

My good friend and menTOR  Christopher Lord @ Truthiracy: Hosue of Wisdom who taught me much of this says: 

"Royal Dutch House of ORANGE are the ones who MADE New York (New Amsterdam) and obtained Manhattan on SEPTEMBER 11th 1609!!! The RED WHITE and BLUE is NOT AMERICAN, it is from the Royal Dutch House of Orange-Nassau (Dutch East India Company). 

11 = November -but- Nov means NINE (9) and it's our 11th MONTH now, so, November means 911! (7-9-11) 711 (September 11th) SEPT = 7! CUT (division) = Separation = DEATH just as 9 means DEATH so does the ELeven!

11 (ll) ELite ELders of EL (ll) = 11! New York is the 11th State! Flight 11, 111 (11) etc.!


Go look at the ancient ORANGE WALL street picture of the OLD WALL they want to now REBUILD!! TRUMPet (TRUMP Pence 2016) HELLO!

WALL STREET WILL CRUM"BULL" DOWN!! The 11 foot TALL BULL of WALL STREET that represents our STOCK (wealth)! The GOLDEN CALF! The BRAZEN BULL! The Egyptian APIS BULL.

Building = BULL House (BOLD) on the "BULL" (Boulevard)! 

Save WALL Street?  The Whore who RIDES the BULL, EUROPA, EUROPE, the ROYAL PURPLE Phoenician PRINCESS WHORE who was raped by Zues. 

Welcome to the ancient ORANGE/PURPLE (EL) House of the Ancient BULL GOD worshipers of Canaan Phoenicia (Hebrew) world ELite ELders of EL! ORE (SUN) LIGHT EL+ight (enLIGHTenement) FALL of ORANGE of the EL-even! Now go watch the TWO EL-ights shine into the SKY at the WTC New York! Aloha!" 

The ORANGE DON of EL (DONALD, MAFIA Boss of Jewish ELders of Zion) was miraculously inaugurated on 11/9 2016! This is no mistake or stroke of luck or coincidence!  216 is the ancient timeless wisdom of the SUN OF MAN, a cosmological constant, Plato's GOLDEN NUMBER, the product of 6 CUBED, 666, in esoteric symbolism and magickal numerology! "Plato alludes to the fact that 216 is equal to 6 cubed, where 6 is one of the numbers representing marriage since it is the product to the female 2 and the male 3. Plato was also aware of the fact the sum of the cubes of the 3-4-5 Pythagorean triple is equal to  3 cubed + 4 cubed + 5 cubed = 216, the number of the SUN and LIGHT (ORE, AUR, GOLD), which makes it a GOLDEN NUMBER."

I can't possibly get into all that here but see my full presentation dedicated to it, "Fidget Spinners: 666, DEEP Esoteric Numerological Secrets of Creation!" >>

9/11 is actually 7/11 because SEPT is the SEVENTH MONTH of the zodiac, and EMBER is the AMBER ORANGE of the fall ember months. Orange Donald Trump actually refers to the 9/11 attacks on the WTC as the 7/11 ATTACKS, which he knew would occur to the very detail before the attacks took place.

7/11 is used as a corporate subliminal for the middle east, as many 7/11 PETROL stations are associated with the "habeeb mart" a racist association for indian or middle eastern immigrant business owners, which further plays on the subliminal predicative programming of the racist "war on terror" and PETRO WARS false flag agenda.

ORANGE ORDER equals 42 and 33 in simple reduction septenary English Gematria. We wont go into that here though.

My friend Stefan says oranje is influenced by Old Occitan auranja  AAA-N-YAA (आन्या in Hindi), the same as the Russian variation Anya. Meanings: The Sanskrit word that means "inexhaustible" is A-NN-YAA (अन्या) based on the root A-NNN (अन्न) - which means food.

aura + anja, "GOLDEN FOOD" of the SUN!  ORient apple, or GOLDEN APPLE, as APPEL means FRUIT.  

The TAROT arcana or other playing decks are often used to foreshadow or divine foreboding or disastrous events and death yet to occur, and of course TAROT comes from a version of Italian TAROCCI which is a "kind of BLOOD ORANGE!"


This is why we find the Ocean's ORANGE EL EVEN as the 10 around 1, 10/1, the symbol of the circumpunct of the SUN!

ALL of this royal elite saturnian  symbolism is covered fully in my upcoming full length film exposing the symbolism of the Las Vegas Route 91 Harvest FestivEL sacrifice attack.

Is Trump using secret Tesla Time Travel technology confiscated by his uncle John Trump who was CIA and who confiscated Tesla's research, journals and patents, in order to expand his empire??  (Kidding) Stop smoking crack, internet conspirafries! The reason he "predicts the future" is because HE IS INSTRUCTED AND ADVISED BY THE ELITE ZIONIST ELDERS OF EL what to do like a pawn and puppet! STOP BEING SO NAIVE AND CHILDISH. 

 I've also covered all this and the Orlando Pulse PURPLE and ORANGE nightclub shooting on south ORANGE st in ORANGE COUNTY, ORLANDO, and the ORANGE AND PURPLE Paris Bataclan theater shooting Ultraviolence in district EL EVEN, most prominently in "CODE ORANGE! A Clockwork Ultra False Flag Symbolism" presentation that was deleted by youtube. >>

The BATclan Theatre was owned by two ZIONIST JEWS who sold the place on 9/11 2015 before the attack took place.

Paris is known as the "City of LIGHT" because of the AMBER ORANGE soldium bulb lamps that light the city. 

CODE ORANGE CLOCKWORK ULTRAVIOLENCE only continues to expound upon itself year by year, as the Royal Dutch House of Orange Nassau and PURPLE Saxo Coburg & Gotham onslaughts continue on, year after year, ever present and not going away any time soon. 

The next major CODE ORANGE / ULTRAVIOLENT false flag stage is set as a direct homologous copycat effect of the MK Ultraviolent Clockwork Orange of the Las Vegas Route 91 Harvest Sacrifice massacre, the Purple crimes of Passion in the prior 2016 Pulse Nightclub mass sacre, the prior still 2015 Orange and Purple Paris Bataclan theater mass sacre, and the prophesied coming Orange Judas Priest & Deep Purple concert who are "GOING TO SLAY" at the end of the harvest season, which is set to wrap up in WHEATLAND on SEPT 30, the day before the year anniversary of the Vegas Route 91 Saturnian Shavuot/ Yom Kippur harvest Mass sacre took place, as always, during the Jewish harvest seasons of the high holydays of Yom Kippur, during the 7th month of Tishri in the Zodiacal house of Virgo the Virgin and or Libra, the scales of JUDGEMENT DAY (which is Yom Kippur, the jewish sacrificial day of atonement of the sins of the people, where they slaughter innocent victims to try and atone for their crimes as outlined by the sacrificial system)!

It seems that the Orange House of Judas (Juden) just might offer the blood ORANGE KOD ( Kiss of Death) sending their potential "sacrificial virgins" into a long deep purple slumber.

My Friend Christoper Lord again says:
"Judas KISS of DEATH! I decoded this years ago! At the END of the AGE (year), the FALL (of LIGHT) in Autumn is when the SUN goes to the underWORLD (winter) and the Anthropomorphic character of the SCORCHED SCORPION gives the SUN it's FINAL KISS of DEATH and puts the SUN into a DEEP SLEEP like the AMBER ORANGE EMBERS of the EMBER MONTHS of September, October, November and December!

Summer is when the Sun is on FIRE and then in WINTER it is in it's EMBER state (time, season). Now you KNOW why Judas is WEARING the ORE (SUN Hebrew Lexicon) of ORANGE!!! The ORANGE HOUSE of DEATH!

Now you KNOW WHY The PURGE (Sacrifice) says KISS ME! The PURGE is on MARCH 21st, the SPRING Equinox of the PASSOVER (Sacrifice) of the NEW Year!  Jan 1 is the PeriHelion, when we celebrate the closest conjunction with our Sun. July 4th is the APHELION of our SUN (Apo= AWAY)! " 

These shows will be occuring at some point during the 3 days of the full moon beginning on Aug 24 (8/2+4 = 6, rendering 86 = DEATH) nicknamed by natives as the "WHEAT CUT moon" (harvest moon) which is the very same occurence as during the Route 91 Harvest/blood moon mass sacre. 

The Harvest Moon is the Full Moon nearest the September equinox, which occurs around SEPTEMBER 22.  7/22 = 3.14 Pi! Most years, the Harvest Moon is in the month of September, but around every three years, it occurs in October, as it did in 2017 just days after the harvest sacrifice. Harvest Moon is the most well-known of all the Full Moon names.


But here's just a few more extreme examples of how the Hebrew Master builder number 22 is the number of DEATH!

22 is a synchromystic occurence, same as when a random number generator responds to conscious influence. The number EL-even is a master number, the twin towers, the pair of EL's (para ll el), the twin pillars, the two legs between which lies the GATEWAY or portal between dimensions, the yoni.  

Multiples of ELeven are also master numbers, 11, 22, and 33.

11+11 is 22, but 1+1+1+1 is 4. 4 is the number of DEATH in asian traditions.

Master Number 22 is the second master number, brings deep spiritual understanding, facilitating the appliance of knowledge in a practical way, which will eventually lead to success, high self-esteem, natural intelligence and ability to work at a high position.

The holder of this life path number is considered to be a master builder. 

But get THIS, DONALD TRUMP's lifepath number is 4, and indirect reduction of the Master Builder 22.

22 precedes the number 23, the number of chromosomes contributed to concieve. 22 is both masonic and ancient CABAListic knowledge, as we can see, highly used for planning staged events of death and false flags to "put people into a confused and fear based stuper" in order to roll out and implement further geopolitical and financial goals more often than to "wake people up." But the lesson is that you can only learn to wise up by being decieved too many times, and likely encountering death too many times. "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."

Prov. After being tricked once, one should be wary, so that the person cannot trick you again.

Traditional Tarot decks have 22 cards with allegorical subjects. These serve as TRUMP CARDS in the game. THE FOOL is usually a kind of wild-card among the trumps and unnumbered, so the highest trump is numbered 21 (the Black Jack). 

Occult Tarot decks usually have 22 similar cards which are called Major Arcana. Occultists have related this number to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet and the 22 paths in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

Cabbala is a "mystical interpretation of the Old Testament" and gives us the term CABAL, "SECRET SOCIETY, small group meeting privately."

3/22 is the spring equinox and the number of Yale's Skull and Bones freemasonic #illuminati secret society. March 22 (322) is the TIME of year when LIGHT overcomes DARKNESS. March 22 (322) is when God's SUN-SON rises from the Dead. 322 is the number of Transformation, transformation from the realm of the dead, to the World of the Living.

Omar Mateen commenced fire upon the Orlando Pulse Nightclub in a thoroughly exposed false flag attack at precisely 2:02 am. He then called 9/11 at precisely 2:22 am. Do not miss my full CODE ORANGE! A Clockwork UltraViolence, Color Parapsychology, False Flag Symbolism (BANNED BY YOUTUBE!)film!>>

There were 22THERE WERE 22,000 VICTIMS in the corral (or sheep in the Paddock) at the recent Las Vegas Route 91 Harvest Festivel Ritual shooting by Stephen Paddock.

The School shooting by a 19 yr old at Marjorie Stonemason High school in PARKLAND Florida occured at 2:20 (22) pm FEB 14 on the BLACK MOON OF DEATH, effectively rendering the event a "BLACK MASS/ MASSACRE'! (Not color) which was also fat shrove tuesday, mardis gras, valentines day, Lupercalia, the memorial day of the Dresden Holocaust, ALL DAYS REGARDING SACRFICE AND OR DEATH!  

Fat tuesday is the christian holyday of PENANCE (pence), the equivalent of Jewish Yom Kippur "THE JUDGEMENT DAY OF ATONEMENT for ones crimes or sins!" Shrove tuesday occurs the day after SATURNALIA, the CARNEVAL, another ancient roman ritual blood sacrifice and flesh cooking feastofEL, the last hoorah before LENT! 

President JFK was assinated on November 22, 11/22 and taken to PARKLAND Hospital!

There are 22 BONES in the human SKULL with 7 orifices. 22  divided by 7,    22/7 = Pi, 3.14, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to it's diameter.
Make sure to see my full Symbols of Power: Skull and Bones  video presentation for more context here >>

When cutting a circle with just six line segments, the maximum number of pieces that can be so created is 22.

Catch-22 (1961), Joseph Heller's novel, and its 1970 film version) by Joseph Heller, adaptation gave rise to The expression of logic "catch-22", (which harkens to CATCHER in the RYE, which is the RED CAP or the RED HEAD, and the RYE or the FIELDS OF GRAIN, the HARVEST) entirely themed and centered around DEATH and SACRIFICE, the systematic manipulation of the ILLUSION of choice involving life or death, wherein, given the limited dialectic of choices offered to you, youre DAMNED IF YOU DO, and DAMNED IF YOU DONT. 

"Twenty Two" is an episode of the TV series The Twilight Zone, in which a hospitalized dancer has nightmares about a sinister nurse inviting her to ROOM 22, THE HOSPITAL MORGUE (DEATH) THROUGH THE PORTAL OR DOORWAY.

There are 22 stars in the Paramount Pictures logo. Rising of the ORDER OF THE GOLDEN DAWN. The PARA-MOUNT, "ABOVE THE MOUNT" THE CAPSTONE. 

Bon Iver has an album called "22, a milion". The first track of the album is called "22 (OVER SOON)".

by Aj Ak:
"From the false flag attacks in London on 7/7/2005 to the false flag attack in Manchester on 22/5/2017 is 619 weeks and 4 days.

6194+4916=11110. Dropping the zero in numerology leaves 1111, or 11/11. World War One was of course ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. The dark occult EL-ite are obsessed with the language of numerology, and EL-even EL-even is absolutely core to them. EL Saturn.

From 7/7/2005 to 22/5/2017 is also 1188.22% of a common year. 1188+8811=9999. Flip/invert to 9669/6996. 9.69km/s is the orbiting speed of Saturn, and 969+9x6x9=1455+5541=6996. Note also the .22, particularly relevant given all the 22 connections highlighted in relation to false flag attacks in recent years.

The plan for Operation Temperer was put in place following the false flag Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris on 7/1/2015. From 7/1/2015 to 22/5/2017 is 237% of a common year. 237+732=969. 9.69km/s is the orbiting speed of Saturn.

Operation Temperer in multiple gematria methodologies is 96. 6 & 9 are interchangeable mirrors of each other, so 96 becomes 9669/6996. 69 sits atop the Royal Arch of Freemasonry, as Saturn is the 6 of 9. Saturn in Reverse Ordinal gematria is 69.

Operation Temperer in Reverse Reduction and H Reduction gematria is 93. Saturn in Simple gematria is 93. Saturn in Francis Bacon gematria is 119. saturn (lower-case s) in Francis Bacon gematria is 93. On and on it goes." - AjAk  

93 is the distance of the SUN (Golden Dawn) from the Earth. 

You wanna know something crazy?? 

If you calculate the number 22 in English Septenary Gematria, the sum total of letters equals 39 which is inverse of 93! 

93 is the number of Thelema  in Aleister Crowley 's Ordo Templi Orientis

93 Was allegedly the number of floors that the fireball from the plane impact that hit World Trade Center Tower 1, travelled to the ground level lobby as reported in the "official" 9/11 case report.

Donald Drumpf had insider foreknowledge of the WTC 9/11 attacks BEFORE THEY OCCURED, because he is in deep with the Cabala, a filthy mafia RAT.

This is EXACTLY WHY he was inAUGURated on 119/911, because these events have beenPLANNED AND STAGED FOR DECADES!! The whole 9/11 CABALa and the JFK and its linksto Las Vegas Route 91, the Orlando Pulse Nightclub and more runs SOOOOO DEEP that Icant possibly cover it here. You must see my previous Symbols of Power part one film, andmy CODE ORANGE film, as well as my upcoming Las Vegas Massacre Harvest RitualSacrifice film and the upcoming Parkland Massacre Ritual film as well. These ALLLLL TIEDEEPLY TOGETHER, and the CABALa makes sure that you KNOW IT and CANNOT DENY IT. 


"Gwenda Blair reveals that Fred Trump aka Frederick Drumpf owned some real slimy businesses in his career and the Trump Biographer reveals they included Gold Rush era Bars complete with Opium Dens and Prostitutes.

The BIG PIMP Fred Trump as he is being called around the Net, if you know where to look, died in 1918 leaving behind a nice small fortune in that era that would be worth over $500,000.00 today. Trump’s father was only 15 when his PIMP DADDY died, and he waited almost 30 years to sire The Donald in 1946.

So the Donald never had the fortune of actually meeting his Pimp Grand Daddy Frederick Drumpf who was actually deported from Germany as a draft dodger and TAX EVADER, when he tried to be repatriated in Germany after he made his haul of gold from the USA."

Now that I've made a few things irrefutably clear, let's get back to the coming Orange Judias ritual Slaying.

The 2 new albums of the bands are INFINITE by Deep Purple and FIREPOWER by Judas Priest, and thus the sacrifice will resonate with the theme of INFINITE FIREPOWER (targeting the mainstream narrative of heavy ammunition and high magazine firearms, yet again).

Judas Priest is promoting their 18th album, FIREPOWER, and Deep Purple is promoting their 20th album.. InFINITE.

1+8= 9

2+0= 1+1


ALSO 9+2= 11

Show starts at 7

7/11.. 9/11 which are interchangeable to the Elders of Zion as SEPT is Sevan (think SIVAN) and NOVEM is NINE. 

711 is the hebrew root "Qatsar" in Strongs Concordance Hebrew Lexicon, meaning "REAPING" as seen above in my infographics.  And of course the Las Vegas Route 91 Harvest Mass sacre was SATYRated (satur ated  SATURN) with 9/11 resonance as shown as well. 

I think after this many times around, the CODE ORANGE  should be DEADLY obvious by now, and I for one, will do my best to calmly direct people to boycott these events for their own safety or enter at their own risk, without myself being labelled or LIBELED as the one who orchastrated these events.  No joke. 

Stay safe and EYES WIDE OPEN!

Also covered fully for more context in "Symbols of Power pt1: Skull & Bones, MK Ultra, Monarch Symbolism" >>

You must see all these to grasp the full understanding of what I'm showing you here, unless youre already adept at the parapsychology of these very obscure themes of esoterica and world affairs, which very few are. I'm telling you without a shadow of a doubt that this is one of the most central symbolic keys of communication by the esoteric cabals, and once you understand it, you will see the world and hollywood symbolism like never before!

Han purple is an extremely mysterious ancient synthetic pigment used by the Han dynasty in ancient china which has unique light manipulating properties of collapsing 3d into 2 dimensional waves with intriguing magnetic properties of superconductivity. It didnt appear until the Han and QIn dynasty. SImilar to HAN and QI RA.

The Wild ROYAL ORANGE WARNING of the orgastic sex parties at the ORANGE ROTHSCHILD MANSION in Stanley Kubrick's EYES WIDE SHUT.

Mk Ultra and MONARCH (royalty, ELite) mind control experiments have produced many assassins known as manchurian candidates. One of the most recent, being the James Holmes/ Dark Knight Rises conspiracy, which was a mass shooting taking place at a PURPLE AND ORANGE Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, harkening to the theme of Batman where his parents were shot up at the MONARCH THEATER!

PURPLE AND ORANGE (AND GREEN) ARE THE ROYAL COLORS OF THE MASONIC ROYAL ORDER OF JESTERS, the CLOWN, the JOKER, the FOOL, the BUFFOON, the BAG OF WIND, who's job is to provide COMEDY, MIRTH, chaos, death, and circuses to entertain the royal elitists. 

Be sure to see my full "The Trump Card: All The World's Staged + False Flag Sacrifice Numerology" presentation

The Very not so subtle move by the Trump Campaign was to shift from using red and blue campaign bannners, to ORANGE AND PURPLE, to pay tribute and it's dues for operating COMMERCE and REAL Estate (which comes from Spanish REAL, meaning ROYAL, REGAL, and CURRENCY) in NEW AMSTERDAM YORK, to the ROYAL DUTCH HOUSE OF ORANGE.

This is inside info if you've seen my films, but the PURPLE AND ORANGE is the HALLMARK of hollywood CIA MK UltraViolence. 

So now you can see the MK ULtra violent manchurian candidate being programmed to KILL on command by the TYRIAN PURPLE TIRADE!

Ozymandias and every other ROYAL PURPLE ULTRAVIOLENT TYRANT are notorious for hiring various assassins to sacrifice for his Great Plan under his control. Hence, his color parapsychology of PURPLE / GOLD MONARCH mind control, which is utilized to induce a trance formation in it's subjects to program them with VIOLENT tendencies and sociopathic complexes.

We witnessed the CIA's MK ULtraViolet GUN VIOLENCE campaign during the Marilyn Manson concert on stage in Las Vegas where MONARCH BUTTERFLY wings made of giant pistols came crashing down on him, as a forshadowing of the mass MK ULTRA gun violence assassinations that would unfurl the next night at the Route 91 Harvest massacre event.

Purple/ UltraViolent is the chosen color psychology representing the Psyche-delic PSYCHE, the MIND (which harkens to OZYMANDIAS being the SMARTEST MIND in the world) coming from the Greek Goddess Psyche, who’s symbol is the MONARCH BUTTERFLY and who’s color is purple, because the color of ULTRAVIOLET is the spectrum of the beyond.... the UNSEEN REALMS of the spirit, above and beyond (meta) our visible red and blue spectrum, hence it is the color of transcendence beyond duality and into the higher psychic realms of psy and meta human abilities, which was the initial goal of project MK ULtra, was to push the physical and mental limits of the victims to have them break and transcend, or die, as all creatures that are forced into evolution by adaptation are required.  

In "Symbols of Power pt1: Skull & Bones, MK Ultra, Monarch Symbolism", I illustrate that Everything we sense visually in order to perceive this reality, passes through the Sphenoid bone and audibly through the ventral cochlear nucleus. The butterfly IS the symbol of the gateway or doorway into the mind. If our senses and perception can be manipulated with media and stimuli (propaganda), I posit, would be exactly why the Moloch Owl, the Monarch butterfly and the Luna Moth are chosen symbols of iconography by the Royal EL-itist ELders of the #Illuminati such as in Bohemian Grove, the White House layout, Big Pharma and so much more!

Behind the Horned trickster god's Dark Knight mask of lies, and deception.


To give you a full grasp I'm going to have to recirculate segments from my Phoenix Consciousness Rising presentation  and my various Symbols of Power films >>

Semitic PHOENICIA, the "purple people" of Tyre, Tyrian RoyAL PurpEL TYRANNY gave us our phonetic alphabet and phonics, with it's global currency trade routes over the current sea, the seamen that were the worlds most ELite admiralty military COMPANY & commercial financiers. 

So much more on the linguistics of that in my upcoming sequel to "Occulted Language: Phonics, Phonetics, Etymology here (not published yet) >>

Phoenix derives from Middle English phenix (before 1150), itself from Old English fēnix (around 750). Old English fēnix was borrowed from Medieval Latin phenix, which is derived from Classical Latin phoenīx. The Classical Latin phoenīx represents Greek φοῖνιξ phoinīx.

Phoenix comes from ancient semitic PHOENICIA, the "purple people" of Tyre, Tyrian RoyAL PurpEL TYRANNY, who gave us our phonetic alphabet and phonics, with it's global currency trade routes over the current sea, the seamen that were the worlds most ELite admiralty military COMPANY & commercial financiers. So much more on the linguistics of that in my upcoming sequel to "Occulted Language: Phonics, Phonetics, Etymology here (not published yet) >>

"In ancient Greece and Rome, the bird, phoenix, was sometimes associated with the similar-sounding Phoenicia, a civilization famous for its production of purple dye from conch shells. A late antique etymology offered by the 6th- and 7th-century CE archbishop Isidore of Seville accordingly derives the name of the PHOENIX from its allegedly PURPLE-RED HUE. Because the costly purple dye from Phoenicia was associated with the upper classes in antiquity and, later, with ROYALTY, in the medieval period the phoenix was considered "THE ROYAL BIRD".

This theme will be explored more throughout the article. 

If you already know about my previous work with the ORange and ROYAL PurP of EL in videos such as "CODE ORANGE! A Clockwork Ultra" and "Symbols of Power", then you can see where I'm going with this. ;) 

We find the ZODIACAL SOLAR CROSS of the Union JACK, the London Flag at the Olympic mega closing ceremony. 

The 2012 ROYAL LONDON Olympic Closing ceremony portrayed the EGYPTIAN PHOENIX or BENU RISING FROM THE BENBEN PRIMORDIAL MOUND as the FLAMING TREE OF LIFE and is a direct mimic of the Ordo Templi Orientis (Order of the Oriental Templars) logo. The Descension of Spirit into matter from KaBallistic Kether "CROWN" to Malkuth "earth", and the return ascension or "apo-theosis" of the Consciousness of Man to the Universal Mind of the Godhead (Godhood). 

"Classical discourse on the subject of the phoenix points to a potential origin of the phoenix in Ancient Egypt. In the 19th century scholastic suspicions appeared to be confirmed by the discovery that Egyptians in Heliopolis had venerated the Bennu, a solar bird observed in some respects to be similar to the Greek phoenix. However, the Egyptian sources regarding the bennu are often problematic and open to a variety of interpretations. Some of these sources may have actually been influenced by Greek notions of the phoenix, rather than the other way around."

The Egyptian meaning of the Bennu is PURPLE HERON, as well as, PALM TREE, phenixmeans "the date palm" (fruit and tree). Supposedly, Philipinos and other inhabitants in the Pacific islands instinctively call the palm the “Tree of Life.” In India, they refer to it as “kalpa vriksha,” the tree that provides all the necessities of life. This bird is associated with the Phoenix and its legend is associated with the Bennu. The Bennu bird, resembling the heron, has red and golden plumage and is the sacred bird of Heliopolis, which is the CITY OF THE SUN.

The Phoenix is also symbolically represented as a Hawk, Falcon, Eagle, Rooster and even the Thanksgiving Turkey (as the roasted offering at the death of the season), all the symbols of the ANNUAL SEASONAL DEATH AND RE'S ERECTION OF THE SUN and the inner SUN of consciousness within man.

The main character of the Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen is known as "THE GIRL ON FIRE" and is symbolized by the FLAMING MOCKINGJAY, a direct and overt allusion to the FIREBIRD, the PHOENIX, which is the reborn and transcended aspect of Scorpio, as the EAGLE, representng the death and rebirth transformation of the FIERY SUN, from the earth to the Heavens, from creeping on the  ground to soaring the heights of the sky! This is WHY they SHOW YOU THE ZODIAC WHEEL as the Egyptian WINGED SOLAR DISK of the PHOENIX WITHIN the body in the logo!

So now you KNOW why just like Egypt, Rome, America, Nazi SS, etc, the Capitol ofPanemflaunts the EAGLE on their flags, mimicing the turkey's feathered plumes or "kukul".Sonow you know why we SACRIFICE and IMMOLATE the turkey as a sacrificial holocaustor"burnt offering" in thanks to God, which represents the SCORCHED BURNT SUN IN IT'S EMBER STATE IN SCORCHED SCORPIO, the FIERY PHOENIX REBIRTH of the sun!Previously covered excerpts from "Children of the Capri-CORNucopia!!" 

The Royal Tyrian purple and Gold are the colors of the Shriners degrees of the Scottish Rite Freemasonry, SUBLIME PRINCE OF THE ROYAL SECRET, which is represented by the Phoenician DOUBLE PHOENIX.

So perhaps now you will understand why OZYMANDIAS is PURPEL AND GOLD of the SUN AND THE ROYAL PHOENIX, and why his main symbols are the PYRAMID and ALL SEEING EYE, with the WINGED SOLAR DISK OF THE PHOENIX on his belt!  He is the epitome of the LITE OF THE EL-ITE ENLIGHTENED ONES of old!

So now you'll know why we have the Order of the CRIMSON (Golden) DAWN with the symbol of the RISING SUN in the new Star Wars movie. 

Again, remember the reason why VEIDT is ADEPT in all of this ELITE ESOTERICA, as am I, is because he TRAVELLED the path of ALEXANDER THE CONQUERER through the ancient mystery traditions! 

And he's the smartest man in the world...

The reason PURPLE AND GOLD/ ORANGE is associated to the SUN as the ETERNAL death and rebirth of the PHEONIX is because PURPLE AND THE ORANGE OR GOLD OF THE SUN is the color we find at the EVENing, THE COLOR OF NATURE AT SUNSET AT THE DEATH OF THE SUN, when the two worlds are parallel, the purple EVENing, the time of EVEN or the unification of polar opposites between red of day or summer and blue of night or winter.   First is the orange warning, then the violet violence, then the red blood sacrifice, and finally the black death of darkness.

Keter (crown chakra) and crown comes from Keren /qeren (Karen), meaning “HORN,” which is why #Jesus wore the CROWN of THORNS and has horns on his head in the shroud of Turin (torino, taurus), because EL, the Hebrew god of the bible had “horns of a wild Ox” and was always depicted as a bull. EL/Cronus/Saturn was the “Most High” of the bible and thus wore the Crown which comes from Krone/Kronus the old Crone. The Crown or Keren comes from Cronus and Corona, which comes from the SUN. A Corona is a halo, a CROWN. 

Crown; from Latin: corona (gaseous envelope of the sun and other stars.) Hence a crown symbolising the rays of the sun. Corona and Crown come from Greek Korone "anything curved, kind of crown," which comes from the curve of the golden rings of Saturn, who is also known as "lord of the rings" and is also known as the Greek god Kronos (father time), who gives us the words Chronology, crown, coronation, corona, crone, WHICH IS EXACTLY WHY ALL WHO WEAR CROWNS ARE LITERALLY CRONIES! 

Chronos, who in ancient times was known as "the Best sun" during the Golden Age of Kronos, who was the King of the Age because he emitted a glorious Halo: from Greek halos "disk of the sun or moon, ring of light around the sun or moon" or in other words "golden rings," which rivaled or "tempted" our modern sun today also known as our "sun" of god.

And this is exactly why to this day, we still pay homage to the "best sun" by wearing golden wedding rings, as well as earrings. 

Ozymandias has some common similarities with Thanos from Marvel comics Avengers, not in the least being the common EL-ite ELder royal pharaonic bloodline color parapsychology of PURP-EL and GOLD, which are the royal colors of the ancient Canaa Phoenicians who were known as the the "PURPLE PEOPLE" because that is the meaning of the word Phoenicia, whose chief deity was EL, (the supreme bull god of the Bible from ancient Byblos) who was the Greek TITAN Kronos, who became the Roman god SATURN. See my full presentations where i've recycled this common Elite symbolism explicit in just about every major event and attack in recent history.

Just as we find the evil demiourgic deity APOCALYPSE "Great revealing" of the SUN, in the Marvel XMen comics, as the ROYAL TYRIAN PURPEL TYRANT going on a TIRADE as Ruler of worlds, implementing the enslavement of humanity under the purple gods.

My friend Jake Giardina adds: 


"Purple - Perp EL
Perp - Perpetrator - One who commits a crime..
EL - God
Purple - Crimes of God
Violet - Violence- Vile Ends - Vile Ette
VI = VI-olent, VI-llain, VI-cious, VI-ctim, VI-le, VI-ndictive, e-VI-l, de-VI-l, de-VI-ous.. etc..." 

The ROYAL TYRANNICAL PURPEL is the archetypal holly wood black magick or BLACK LIGHT ULTRAVIOLENT color symbolism of the EVIL VILE traitor, the deceiver, the DEVIous DEVI, or DEVIlish DEITY, the trickster god who brings the PERPetration and PERPetuation of downfall, declination and DEATH at the EVENing time, when again, the Bright ORANGE Sun of God is crossed and betrayed and deceived and receives the KISS OF DEATH at his temporal downfall of PURPLE PASSION emblematic of the PASSING or CROSSING over and transcending to the other side beyond, during the evening of the cycles of dualism as already covered! 

The Thunderbolts Project electric universe theory and David Talbott's the Saturn Myth proposes the hypothesis that the mainstream astronomical brown dwarf star known as ProtoSaturn (before saturn became a planet) emitted a faint PURPLE HAZE glow from its cosmic plasma sheath that enveloped the inner planets as witnessed by the far ancients during his benevolent PURPLE REIGN of the gods. The PURP of EL and GOLD are the ROYAL COLORS of SATURN because Saturn in ancient mytho cosmology or astrotheology was known as the KING or RULER of the GOLDEN AGE of the gods and men.

  See my full "Occult Secrets of Saturn" presentation for all of this and more in full context>>

But get this, THANOS is a TITAN and RULER OF THE UNIVERSE from the home world of TITAN, which is one of SATURN'S MOONS! Thanos comes from ancient Greek mythology as THANATOS, the personified spirit (daimon) of non-violent death. His touch was gentle, likened to that of his twin brother Hypnos (Sleep), (daemonic here is used with its classical meaning, which refers to benevolent or benign nature spirits). He wasn't a torturous bringer of death, but a bringer of gentle death, akin to falling into an eternal slumber.

So in essence this is a shared motif with SATURN, the TITAN KRONOS, who was known as the GRIM REAPER, as FATHER TIME who is the EVENing balance between the living and the dead, representing the DUALITY of EL EVEN, at the EVENing, or the 8 as the duality within infinity.

What i'm trying to get at here is that both Thanos and Ozymandias have a devised "divine plan" for the "greater good" of all humanity in that they both hold the similar belief of the ELITE ELIMINATI ELDER PROPHECY of a greater depopulation agenda, the genocide of a vast number of the population in order to maintain "perpetual balance" in the universe as outlined on the Masonic Georgia Guidestones in the United States. 

Both THANOS and OZYMANDIAS, bearing the ROYAL COLORS of the original HOUSE OF EL in Canaa Phoenicia, later adopted by the Roman Caesars, share similar character traits in that they are the supreme villain of their stories, however, there lurks a redeeming quality somewhere beneath their cynical flawed worldview of humanity and the universe itself, as they are both extremely intelligent, far from fools and In fact, Ozymandias is officially the smartest human on earth as one of his superpowers, he is also one of the richest, similar to Tony Stark in Avengers.

Thanos is more of a brutish mob boss similar to Trump, but Thanos quotes to Tony Stark in the Avengers movie, "You're not the ONLY ONE cursed with KNOWLEDGE" implying that indeed, he is also privy to some very big secrets of the universe and the "Great Plan" for humanity, much as the Donald was also privy to the Great Plan of the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks as written in his book in 1999 before the attacks ever occured, down to the very details of Bin Laden being the patsy for it.

Thanos, AND Ozymandias dont actually WANT to cause unnecessary suffering or harm, they see themselves as saviors and both of their greater depopulation plans SUCCEED in wiping out exactly HALF OF THE POPULATION. Thanos wipes out HALF the universe, and Ozymandias wipes out HALF of Manhattan. Both involve the quick and painless dissolution or simply vanishing or ceasing to exist, obliviation akin to the Greek god THANATOS in putting people to sleep.

For more on the occult Obliviation secrets of the New Avengers Infinity War movie and Thanos, see "The Secret Spoils of Avengers: Infinity War... OBLIVIATE!"

Once again the purple passion of human blood sacrifice and pence paid, must be done between the twin pillars of EL EVEN in order to prove your loyalty to God, which is why Thanos must sacrifice his first child to prove himself just as we find all throughout the Bible.

And once again, we find the PURPLE transformation of death by Thanos/Thanatos, as the CROSSING OVER, the PURPLE PASSION of PASSING and SACRED SACRIFICE!

 Ozymandias genetically engineers a giant fake alien threat to unite humanity against this fake common enemy, which is exactly reminiscent of Donald Trump's new proposed SPACE FORCE which is really nothing more than the SPACE FARCE, and will be created to weaponize space against the coming fake alien agenda promoted by the Elitist Elders of EL as ALLEGEDLY warned by renowned ex Nazi aeronautical rocket engineer Wernher Von Braun to Carol Rosin, a space and missile defence consultant who has worked with various corporations, government departments, and intelligence communities. She worked closely with Wernher Von Braun shortly before his death, specifically on the subject of space-based weapons.

"I met the late Dr Wernher Von Braun in early 74, at that time Von Braun was dying of cancer, but he assured me that he would live a few more years in order to tell me about the game that was being played, that game being the effort to weaponize space, to control Earth from space and space itself.
He asked me to be his spokesperson, to appear on occasions when he was to ill to speak, and I did. And what he asked me to do was to educate decision makers and the public about why we shouldn’t be putting weapons into space . . . and what the alternatives are, how we could be building a cooperative space system.
What was most interesting to me, was a repetitive sentence that he said to me over and over again. . . . And that was the strategy that was being used to educate the public and decision makers, and the scare tactics, the spin that was being put on the weapons system. And that was how we identify an enemy.
The enemy at first he said, the enemy against whom we’re going to build a space based weapons system . . . First the Russians are going to be considered the enemy . . . then terrorists would be identified and that was soon to follow . . . then we were going to identify third world crazies, we now call them nations of concern. . . . The next enemy was asteroids . . . [and] against asteroids we’re going to build space based weapons.
And the funniest one of all, was against what he called aliens, extraterrestrials, that would be the final card. And over, and over, and over during the four years that I knew him and was giving his speeches for him, he would bring up that last card.
‘And remember Carol, the last card is the alien card. We’re going to have to build space based weapons against aliens,’ and all of it, he said, is a lie." 


" Ozy  used his monetary resources and superior intellect to create a giant genetically engineered monster, with dozens of tentacles and ONE LARGE EYE, along with a giant unnatural brain (cloned and enhanced from that of deceased psychic Robert Deschaines) that generated a devastating mental shockwave upon the creature's death that killed half of the population of New York City in order to frighten the governments of the world into working together (NWO), thereby saving humanity from extinction. " 

So don't you see?? This is all the exact irrefutable esoteric symbolism and allusion to the ULTIMATE ROYAL ILLUMINATI FALSE FLAG SACRIFICE!

Theres so much more to explain and piece together that I cant possibly fit in here because it would go on forever and I'm continually working on the process of compiling a book from all of my full articles. It's extremely challenging and exhausting because, This isnt exactly linear narrative material. But if you wish to see more and continue to see more articles and presentations of this nature and content, please consider giving back by subscribing for as little as a dollar a month, something I'm sure anyone can afford for this quality information

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