Syn Drawing
Okay, I'm skipping ahead a bit.  I had An Idea.

This is Syn, one of Frigga's twelve handmaidens in Norse myth; She is the doorkeeper of Frigga's hall and decides who will and will not enter.  Once she's made up Her mind there's no changing it. 

The idea I had is inspired by the linoleum block prints I've been doing, which have flat layers of color on top of each other.  I wanted to try something sort of like that with the India inks I have.  In other words, I'd use a very limited palette (say four or five colors altogether) and apply them in flat shapes, like you'd get with a single linoleum block.  However, inks being translucent and not opaque, where two colors overlap they should make a new color.  So I wanted to try overlapping layers, with no outlines.  That's going to be a bit tricky probably because (obviously) I need to see what's going on where and so have to have the pencil lines to guide me; but given that the inks are permanent once down, any pencil lines trapped underneath them cannot be erased afterwards.  So I may have to work from dark to light on this and erase a bit as I go, I'm not sure.  I plan to scan in each layer as I do them so you can see how it works (or doesn't work).  I think the colors I'll use will be a pale skin tone, light brown for the wood of the door, a darker brown for the grain on the door (and Her hair), deep red for Her apron, and a dark indigo blue for shadows.  Oh and maybe at the last some semi-opaque white ink for the silver bits of the key and turtle brooches.

As for Ninhursag, it's taken me a bit of musing to figure out how to approach it, the main issue being whether I wanted to do it in acrylics or watercolor.  I do want some stylization like I'd do with the acrylics (think the Tanit or the Nantosuelta I've done), but I think I'd prefer quite a bit of crazy detail in it, too.  So I'll do it in watercolors, sort of like the Boann I did, though not Celtic obviously.