Syndicate, not the game
Syndicates, a very old socialist discovery that capitalists took advantage of.

The idea is to save money into an organization that will help you when time to fight the boss comes.

But what ? You saved money ?

How nice :) we can now find ways to take it from you.

What nicer than a strike when you have no job for your employees.

Previous revolutions had banned corporations. Communist one created syndicates.

Ok, it is different, one is bad and the other is good. But sorry, if you watch the whole movies it gets more and more difficult to recognize the Sith from the Jedi.

Check the preview at

I am not really happy of the loose humor on this piece. Any suggestion is welcome.

All external text is an english bad joke, all interiors french parody of strike specialists.

Order the real object on sculpteo : Diplomat 3D object

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