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The Synthesaurus doesn't usually make a big fuzz about his own "compositions". He usually posts them to show what can be done on the Korg Kross soundwise. Mostly, they are just demos of the new sounds I programmed on the Kross, so the patrons know what they get in my next sound-PCG upload. But this song is different.

THIS song, which I dubbed "Output", because A) I'm lazy at finding titles for my songs, and B) it pretty much is a meta-title, after all the technical line-out troubles in the last few weeks, I would like to listen to if it wasn't done by Synthesaurus.

Not that I don't like my previous songs. If I didn't like them, I would not have made them. But Output is different. To me it feels like the next step in the evolution of the Synthesaurus.

Does that sound weird to you? Or "overdramatic"? Welcome to Synthesaurus Park! Where weird things from a weird mind is turned into something that is trying to be "music".
But enough of that shit.

To my patrons:

You can hear two new sound patches in Output, which you will get in my next sound-PCG upload. The first one is the Korg Kross Klub Kit, which I already told you about. I am still working on that, to make sure you get the "best" version I can do.

The other new sound you hear in that recording is the new "Krossmonster" distorted guitar sound. It's a power-chord-sound, but it is much more dynamic and ... dare I say it ... more "realistic" sounding rock guitar. 

Made by yours truly, the Synthesaurus! Happy Krossing!

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