Synthesaurus apologizes for the inconvenience
The Synthesaurus currently has some technical difficulties with his patron-exclusive Korg Kross tutorial episodes on Youtube. So if you are a patron and are interested in watching the episodes, you need to give me an email address, so I can unlock them for you on Youtube. The email address must be a one that lets you log in to Youtube. This is only a temporary solution.

What's the problem here?

When you upload a video on Youtube, you can set it to "public", "not-listed", or "private". Most videos are public, of course. The not-listed setting makes your video practically invisible, although it's still accessible. A not-listed video cannot be found via Google or Youtube search. It doesn't show up in the channel's list or in suggestions. The only way to find those videos is to have the exact URL. Or, at least, that's what Youtube is saying.

So what usually happened when someone becomes a patron, he gets access to the list of those videos URLs. Only the patrons have that list. Or so I thought. I accidentally found out that if you search patiently for the right terms on Youtube, you can find those videos, ALTHOUGH they are not listed. How?

Some people on Youtube had those videos in their playlists. And they could be watched by anyone. I was shocked when I found out, because I assumed that not-listed videos wouldn't show up in playlists. That they do doesn't make any kind of sense and makes the whole "not-listed" deal totally pointless.

I don't blame the guys that put my videos in their playlists. Here's what I think happened: A patron added the videos to his playlist, and maybe he called that playlist "Kross tutorials" or something. So when other people searched for "Kross tutorials", they found that playlist, and then put those videos into their own playlist.  So it spreaded. Let me make that clear: I don't blame ANYONE. I'm sure noone had any bad intentions.

What to do?

Since people who subscribe to Synthesaurus are expecting to get exclusive content, I had no choice but to set the episodes to "private" mode. Videos in private mode can only be watched by people who are invited.

I have to put their email address, which must belong to a Google account, on a list. This is no ideal solution, since it means more work for you AND me. Maybe I'll upload the videos on some filesharing site, and password-protect them. If someone has any other ideas, please let Synthesaurus know!