Synthetic Consciousness Part 2

I like listening to all the radio signals outside my home by using an induction loop receiver which I tape to the entry point for my phone and internet line. All the cables outside my home all along the street acts as aerials and brings these signals into the home. The induction loop receiver monitors the magnetic modulations of anything in its vicinity. I connect a cable to the receiver and run the other end to my computer. I can hear all sorts of radio stations and they all just play one on top of the other. I then activate audacity and click on record. I just listen to all these radio stations mixing and matching and sometimes I like playing them back and listening to them. It is like listening to 5 radio stations all at the same time. You cannot get this from one radio.

Occasionally I would hear this long chick tone come on but thought nothing of it for a while and then one day it dawned on me: this sounds like my phone receiver is being lifted. So I waited for the next click tone to arrive. It was a somewhat extended wait for it to arrive, but I waited all the same, ready to lift my receiver, when I heard it next. Then one day it was there, click, lifting receiver tone, and as soon as I heard this click I lifted the receiver - and the handsfree option led light on my phone lit up which it should not when one lifts the receiver. Then I realised the signal had just switched on my handsfree option and hence switched on the microphone on my phone for a listen-in. WHAT!

There is normally no indication on my phone that my microphone was switched on and only by chance that when I lifted the receiver when I heard the click tone I saw the handsfree option led light come on. To think that this remote switching on of the phone microphone could possibly have been done by a remote radio signal has taken hacking to the next level.

But this remote signal could also have come via my internet line or from the telephone exchange but if it did come via a remote radio signal, like all the radio stations I hear, then WHAT! again. What other subliminals are hidden in the buzzes and pings and tones around one’s home.

click on link below to hear the recording.

Below is the listening-in tone in the phone after the handsfree has been switched on:

This tone is connected to your home by the fact that you use the power supply to power up your landline phone. This tone acts as a 2-way biofeedback system. It monitors the individual in one’s living space and it is used to send in subliminals. It is probably part of the worldwide preparation for the advent of Artificial Intelligence and the implementation of the intangible Panopticon within society.

This whole phenomena is an extension of a wider phenomenon within the wired structure of our living spaces. I will be in hiding after this article so please subscribe.

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