Syrian civilians from ground zero expose chemical hoax
Published June 1, 2018 on


Western media keeps referring to an alleged chemical attack on  Douma, Syria, as an established fact, but have yet to produce one iota  of evidence from the town that, until recently, was controlled by Jaysh  al-Islam.        

Unverified videos, emanating from the Western-funded propaganda construct  the White Helmets, do not constitute evidence, nor do testimonies taken  in Turkey or Idlib, Syria, which is under terrorist rule.

On the  other hand, there are many testimonies that contradict the accusations,  including those of 17 Syrians from Douma (among them doctors and medical  staff), who, on April 26, spoke  at the headquarters of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical  Weapons (OPCW) in the Hague, stating that there was no chemical attack.

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