Syrian wives and mothers of martyrs take up arms to defend their homeland

The courageous Syrian women who volunteered to take up arms and to defend their town against international terrorism.  Wives, mothers, sisters of martyrs, these steadfast women have chosen to follow their loved ones on the path of resistance against global terrorism. 

They stand side by side, hand in hand with their local NDF forces and the Syrian Arab Army - to honour the lives of their martyrs and to defend the dignity and future of their beloved Syria and home town of Al Skeilbiyyeh. 

As Nabel Alabdalla said to me, "they have been burned by their grief and loss but they stand with us, hand in hand, against the enemy at our gates. This is Syria, this is the heart and courage of our people, this is our family"  

Here, Nabel speaks to me about these wives, sisters and mothers of the town's martyrs... and their role in solidarity with the Syrian forces defending and protecting Syria from sectarian extremism produced, promoted and financed by the West. 

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