A System Mastery Special Announcement

Hello supporters,

We need to take a moment to address the future of the Patreon at this time, specifically our current $600 goal of using FATAL to produce live play episodes.  This seemed like a good, fun idea when created (to Jef, who takes full responsibility for this), since there's always a portion of the listener base that loves to hear us reacting to the murky depths at the bottom of the RPG design barrel.  It seemed like a potentially fun project to take something theoretically unplayable and muddle through it for a few hours.

We have, since the time of setting that goal, begun reading the game.  In critical light, this game isn't famous for just being gross, unreasonably complicated, and unplayable.  It's actually just hate speech and rape apologia with dice adjacent.  The weakest form of hate speech, the type that hides behind antiquated pseudo-science and musty scholarly works to spread horrible messages.  There's no fun to be found here.

Now we have already achieved our $500 goal of reviewing this book, and that goes forward.  Holding this festering boil of a thing up into the light to show other gamers "This is what's possible.  This is why we need to be better" is a task we take up gleefully.  But playing this game, using it for its purported intent, is paying it a form of respect that neither of us are willing to do.  This game should not be played.  It belongs in a museum between various medieval torture baubles and historical examples of propaganda.  

So we're getting rid of that goal.  We'll be replacing a frustrating unfunny journey into hate with something different, which we will officially announce on the FATAL review episode of System Mastery. We intend for the new goal to be something we’d actually be proud to produce and share instead of something we’d wish we’d never touched.

Of course if any of our supporters were following us for the purpose of hearing the FATAL LPs, we apologize, and will respect your decision regarding supporting us further.  This isn't a case of something we can't do.  It's a matter of something we will not do.  We have principles, and showing the least measure of respect for rape or hate speech goes against them.

Eternal thanks for your support,

Jef and Jon

System Mastery