System Reward roughs
Just some process work on getting together the look of art components. (Beware of my misspelling of Khalydri, :P ) You'll receive a cool image and then the nuts and bolts of what makes the system tick heres an example... *rustles around digital files*...

Ah here we go...

Single main sequence Type M star (red dwarf)
3 asteroid belts
3 planets
1 Oort cloud

Bagdemagus [ Khalydri 1] - Class H
Class 5 Size: Average
Circumference: 60,000 km

Class 9 Density: Very Heavy
Gravity: 2.4 Khalydri standard
Escape velocity: 26.4 km/s

Class 6 Atmosphere: Standard
Atmosphere Rating: 3
130% Khalydri standard ASL

Atmospheric Composition
100% Methane

13 poison damage per breath

35 hour day (Khalydri standard)
294 day year (local standard)
429 day year (Khalydri standard)

5 degree rotational tilt relative to orbital plane

No hydrosphere

Class 5 Magnetic Field
Khalydri standard
Average: 45 uT
Random magnetic spikes caused by high concentrations of ferrous ore

Scrubland terrain
Orbital gas shell
Fungal life

So that and then some more exposition on the individual bodies. Anywho back to the digital grindstone.