SZ December update
Thank you all for your patronage in november! I've been going through a lot of issues healthwise and I'm finally getting on track to recovery which means that i'll be able to give you all what you deserve and that's lots of content! to all 50+ patrons you have helped me through so much. All the make up cameos will be made up this month in IHOP before the end of the year and that is a promise! plus the december cameos will be IN the actual SZ comic officially. 

All patrons will receive gifts from me ! thank you all for sticking with me through this difficult time and for being so kind and generous. it means a lot that you all believe in this comic as much as I do. Be sure to all add your shipping addresses to your patron info so i can send them! 

50+ patrons will receive an extra little special gift from me! that i will message you all about next week :)) 

Happy Holidays, everyone!