T.G.I.F. Update
Good evening ladies and gentlemen!

First of all apologies that I did forget to do an update post yesterday. Didn't really hit me till I woke up in the morning that I did forget. Like I said in Wed's post we've been doing a fair amount of house projects this week so my working has been a little slowed but will be back in full force by the weekend. 

Had a good X-COM 2 stream yesterday but a fairly short Fallout 4 stream today as I had some IRL stuff to help the Mrs with. Our YouTube numbers are still going fairly well as I've gotten about 250K views last few days and about 1000 more subs and it seems to be keeping on. 

Stardew Valley Anti-Social Challenge #5


XCOM 2 Let's Play #35


Do have to run having family over this evening but will be back in full working schedule starting Saturday night with our usual Empyrion stream. 

Have a great weekend!