T is for Truth, and...Tour

Going on tour is a lot like going on vacation - new places, new people, and thankfully I have the fortune of doing all those things with my wife! She's a fantastic travel buddy and emotional support, and I doubt I'd ever want to tour without her around to keep me company.

Touring is also one of the most humbling things I do. As if being a full-time musician wasn't audacious enough, summer tours include asking hundreds of people if they'd be willing to let me play in their bar, house, or coffee shop.

You might say "Well, they could just listen to your music right? Then they'd know if you're good or not!" But it's not that simple. Anyone can put up their BEST videos, their BEST songs. Very few people can show up to a venue and entertain a crowd with their music for longer than an hour. Heck, I feel like I can hardly do that.

So why go on tour at all? I think it helps me to build a career with perspective. When I'm in Santa Barbara with a full schedule of gigs lined up, I can say things like "I'm a profitable full-time musician! I'm building my brand! I'm really getting out there!" Then I go somewhere that I'm completely unknown, and I realize my identity is wrapped up in all the wrong things. 

I'm not a big artist. Not many people are interested in hearing my music at this point! And that makes sense! Do you care about the band Corsicana? You probably don't because you've never heard of them before! (They're rad. I just played with them in Denver)

The truth is the most important thing for me to eat. I'm Conner. I'm an artist. I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to be making art and exposing others to that art. It's okay that I'm not a big deal to everybody - I hope to be a big deal to some people. There's still plenty of time to get there.