T.O.O.L. Public Release

 What is TOOL? Well, TOOL... Takes Objects Off Lot. It's a way to give players more real-estate for objects, and gives you 100% control over the objects position and rotation, on or off the lot.  


  • Point & Click Move - Lets you mark an object as active, which lets you then shift-click where you want it to go and TOOL will immediately move the object to that position.

  •  10x10 Grid Visualizer added when moving. If you prefer the original cross-axis visualizer, you can toggle it off in settings. 
  • If you open the cheat console before moving, it will print the new coordinates of the object.


  • This requires testingcheats true. You can use my AlwaysTesting mod to skip entering this each time. (I've included a link in this post)
  • Use it by shift-clicking any object and selecting the TOOL menu.
  • Settings and Undo/Redo options are available by shift-clicking anywhere on the ground.
  • When moving or rotating, visualizers will be shown to help you figure out which way is which.
  • The visualizer colors can be changed in the settings menu.
  • When moving, you should enter a number pair (x,y) for example : -5,10
  • Start with small numbers, it's easy to lose your object if you're not careful. Undo can be used to get the object back.
  • Snap To Terrain will force the object to the correct ground height when moved.
  • Snap Camera to Object will move the camera to the objects new location when moved.
  • It's a lot easier to see what you're doing if you move your camera to the left or right of the object you're moving.  That's it, it'll take a bit of practice to get good at it, but I hope you all enjoy :)


Download both TOOL package and ts4script from this post. 

Place them directly into your mods folder and make sure mods are turned on in gameplay options. 

You only need AlwaysTesting if you want to skip entering testingcheats true.  

Edit: If you were having issues with the mod not loading before, please delete and get a clean download of the ts4script and package file. Thanks.

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