The T-shirt: Humanity's Greatest Achievement
The t-shirt is the most popular garment in the history of the human race. Most of us can't remember a time when they weren't prevalent, sold in nearly every store and shop of any kind. And, barring the mainstream social acceptance of public nudity, we're unlikely to move on from it in the future. Simple, functional, and always stylish.

EXOPLANETARY is an audio-drama about a massive corporation five centuries in our future. In the process of creating this world, I wanted to make the world as familiar as possible. In doing that, I pictured all of my characters wearing t-shirts. Being comfortable at all times, they are able to be natural, funny, and incredibly attractive.

Why not be natural, funny, and attractive, like my characters in EXOPLANETARY? Do so with one of these EXOPLANETARY t-shirts, your reward for a pledge at the $50 level.

And don't sweat your pledge. Not because sweat stains are unattractive on your t-shirt, but because you can change your level of pledge from month to month, and for any reason. Pledging at any level is helpful to us and helps us pay our actors, pay for production values for our podcast, pay for photocopied scripts (you have no idea how much that adds up), and, most importantly, bring you the best show we can imagine.

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