Hello Chapettes,

I have some more items to add to my Patreon, thanx to my gaming buddy Guilou. (I wont ask where he got them from. Lets just say that he works in a toy store and is a big Kickstarter.)

So what are these t-shirts:-

 4 Cthulhu Wars (4 diferent designs, all size L)

3 Splend (3 different sizes, S, M, XXL)

1 Black Fleet (size S)

(and a partridge in a pair tree) =P

These will be availible at a $40 pledge leve. I have attached images of them so that you can see them in there full glory (although they need a pressing) 

As soon as I see your pledge, I will contact you to see which size/color you would like. This will work on a first come, first serve basis. This way I can resever the t-shirt you require before I am able to take your money and run away with it...joke. I would hate to disapoint anyone, but as I say, first come...

If t-shirts are not your thing, there will be other stuff. I am working on some other promo sets. I want you chaps to get some other type of reward for your support and not just your name up in lights. That support is very much appreshiated and I want thank you all for that.

Many thanx