T-square alert: Venus triggers Uranus-Pluto-Lilith today through Sunday
Tomorrow should be particularly "interesting" as the Moon in Capricorn joins Venus and Pluto at the apex of the Uranus-Pluto-Black Moon Lilith T-square.

As Venus (creativity, relationship, beauty, pleasure, money) hits this outer planet energy vortex, she will bring the opportunity to reach the next level of the revelation/inspiration that Mercury activated in the last half of January.

Quick refresher: The key archetypes here include Uranus in Aries (sudden change, impulse towards the new, the shock of truth), Pluto in Capricorn (the destruction and regeneration of our current way of life; exposing the deep cracks in the status quo), and Black Moon Lilith in Libra (rage over perceived injustice, particularly in relationships).

Themes of this pattern include the healing of deep soul wounds, clarity in relationships, and balancing the need to be one's true self versus the need to be in society. With both Venus and the Moon in bottom-line Capricorn, there could be a hard edge to what we perceive or a tendency to see only the worst possible outcomes. Probably best to wait until the storm has passed on Sunday to make any final decisions or irrevocable acts.

When Venus acts as the 'trigger planet' she tends to bring the opportunity to heal and to find the beauty in life. In my experience, Venus' trigger effects tend to be more specific to her placement and rulership in the natal horoscope, where Mercury tends to bring generalized disruption as well as personal insights*

Depending on the extent to which you have been willing and able to integrate the lessons Mercury revealed in January, you may experience this as an offer of assistance, an opportunity that appears out of the blue, reassurance that you are indeed on the right path - or another crisis. In times like these, I find it reassuring to remember that the Japanese word for crisis is a conjunction of the symbols for 'danger' and 'opportunity'.

I think I should also mention that the healing point for Black Moon Lilith in Libra is recognizing that when we do not give our power away to others, we do not have to suffer injustice or abuse. We many not have had that choice in the past - hence the rage - but we do now. Black Moon Lilith reminds me a lot of Saturn in that way. She's not interested in your bullshit or your excuses; she's just going to keep kicking your ass until you decide to grow up. 

The Moon moves into her detriment sign of Capricorn at 7:45 pm EST today and both the Moon and Venus will be conjunct Pluto tomorrow evening, peaking in strength from 7 pm to midnight. This energy remains strong throughout the weekend, though it should 'break' somewhat when the Moon leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius around 1 am Sunday morning.

* Was January like the Mercury Retrograde from Hell - on steroids - or what? Hitting that Uranus-Pluto-Lilith T-cross not once, but twice...That said, I am so grateful for what I learned in January. I can't overstate how dynamic and revolutionary this time period is. Everything can change. And a lot of it is going to, whether we're ready or not.