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After a great deal of debating, I decided not to go with a "swag" company such as cafepress; Mainly because I'm not about swag, and what I am really trying to do is efficiently raise some funds to make this project great. If I were to set up a store at a place like that, you'd spend ~$25 for a shirt, and the "Flight Chops" project would be lucky to get $5. This way, I bet you can get a cool shirt made for under $15 and Flight Chops still gets $1
(well actually $0.70 because the fee per transaction here is $0.30, (which is a deal after I looked into setting up a merchant account or a Paypal "donate" button, but I digress - so if you really wanna gimme a dollar, see if it lets you put $1.30 :)
  • I will provide you with a high resolution digital file (sample above)

that you can use to print your own "Flight Chops" T-shirt or whatever else you'd like.

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