Aha check out my photoshop skills! I really have a love-hate relationship with my photoshop, it's so outdated now it's impossible to draw in because it lags horribly, but I love it for the pattern and outline and colour adjusting on finished pictures.

Anyway! I recently ordered some more of those black interlocking squares since I was short of a few (and a lot of clips) for the new-and-improved-and-much-more sturdy-layout that I wanted to use for London MCM. They arrived today and I'm so happy that not only did it go up without much fuss, but it's pretty solid, too!
I've had a bit of a play around with laying the things I'm selling out, I've made myself a little magical storage box on one side that I can keep things such as extra comics/charms/earrings in so we don't have to crawl under the table to find them. We can also keep our lunch and money box in there too \ouo/
The box also creates a shelf, which is the perfect height for the charm tree, because people won't have to bend /lean over everything to reach for a charm they might like, it'll also be good for people like me who are a bit anxious around buying things and having to ask people for something, because they can easily see what's there and access it without having to socially interact with anyone until they pay!
There's also just a thin bit of table left in front of it that's perfect for my price list to sit in.

I need to make a little image-display to pin my badges to so they look a little neater, and I have a little box for sale items to put on, but since everything has its own little stand the table space looks nice and neat (until me and Gabi get our crap on it anyway) and the folder for the A4 prints isn't squashed between anything so people can easily flick through that without knocking anything over.

My mum has very sweetly offered to make me some bunting that says "patchworkowl" on too, which I can put along the top :D I'll share another photo when that's done!
It's looking very nice so far, I think!
It's just having it in a suitcase and pulling it through London that's the problem, ahah.