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Author: 자서현 Cha Seo Hyun

Publisher: Munpia

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After his death, Bern awakens 10 years into the past as the third prince of Kailis, the enemy country.

He became a weak and incompetent prince who was to be assassinated before turning 15-years-old.

Chapter 1⇢ 24-2 Wordexcerpt  --(Public) 

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$5 TIER-- (2 chapter parts)

Ch.25-1 I Mean No Harm (7) 

Ch.25-2 I Mean No Harm (8) 

$12 TIER-- (5 chapter parts)

Ch.26-1 I Mean No Harm (9) 

Ch.26-2 I Mean No Harm (10)

Ch.27-1 I Mean No Harm (11) 

$25 TIER-- (10 chapter parts)

Ch.27-2 I Mean No Harm (12) 

Ch.28-1 I Mean No Harm (13) 

Ch.28-2 I Mean No Harm (14) 

Ch.29-1 The Rose Will Soon Bloom (1) 

Ch.29-2 The Rose Will Soon Bloom (2) 


Author: 헤르모드 Hermode

Publisher: A Tempo Media


<Pick me up!> is a very hard-to-beat mobile Gacha game!

Loki, the 5th best player on <Pick me up!> lost his consciousness while fighting inside a dungeon in the game.

Wha… What? I’m a game character?

When he woke up once again, he inexplicably became a Lv. 1, starter hero “Han Israt”.

In order to go back to Earth, he needed to lead his fellow heroes and beat the 100th floor of the dungeon!

“You picked the wrong person to mess with.”

This is a book about how Loki, an expert player who hates losing, leads the other heroes to victory.

$5 TIER-- (2 chapter parts)

Ch.1 An Article on the Web

Ch.2 Found (1)

$12 TIER-- (5 chapter parts)

Ch.3 Found (2) 

Ch.4 Tutorial (1) 

Ch.5 Tutorial (2) 

$25 TIER-- (10 chapter parts)

Ch.6 Tutorial (3) 

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