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We want to make our Patreon content as easy to navigate as possible. From this pinned post you should be able to access all our evergreen content! To prevent it from getting too unwieldy, this post links to top-level categories, which each have their own directory.

Reviews & Free Content

Our reviews are always free, though some may have an initial early access period in which they are locked to Patreon subscribers before going public.

Discount Codes

Click this link to go to our post containing all patron-exclusive discount codes. Please do not share these codes.

TTRPG Worlds

All our original TTRPG content can be found here. We aim to make our mechanics as setting-agnostic as possible so that you can drop them into any game, but for a richer experience, they also tie together to create entire original settings that you can also use. Click the name on each world to see its table of contents listing all posts associated with that world.

Your Voice

These link to an archive of our monthly suggestion boxes and polls.

  • Current Video Suggestions (open to Tavern Hero and higher tiers)
  • Current Q+A Question Submission (open to Tavern Hero and higher tiers)
  • Current Video Poll (closed for April, awaiting suggestions for May) | Tavern Regular+ poll | Tavern Hero+ bonus poll (Tavern Regulars get one vote while Tavern Hero and higher get two votes in the form of a second identical poll post available only to them)
  • Q&A Videos where we answer submitted questions


Click here for a link to announcements relating to the state of our content on various platforms.

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  • YouTube - Our edited video content.
  • Twitch - Our streaming live video content
  • Twitter (@gallantgoblin) - We typically share breaking news here
  • Facebook - We typically solicit questions about upcoming products here
  • Instagram - We typically preview videos as we work on them here
  • Reddit - Chat with fellow redditors and see our RPG posts
  • - Our website where we post news articles and blog posts
  • Our webstore - Buy our published content and merchandise! Patreon subscribers get special discounts
  • DMs Guild - A marketplace for D&D 5e content that uses Wizards of the Coast-exclusive intellectual property
  • DriveThruRPG - A marketplace for open game license or original setting TTRPG content

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