Table of Contents Announcement
We're pleased to announce the full Table of Contents for Mysterion: Rediscovering the Mysteries of the Christian Faith.

“The Monastic” by Daniel Southwell
“When I Was Dead” by Stephen Case
“Forlorn” by Bret Carter
“Too Poor to Sin” by H. L. Fullerton
“Golgotha” by David Tallerman
“A Lack of Charity” by James Beamon
“Of Thine Impenetrable Spirit” by Robert B. Finegold, MD
“A Good Hoard” by Pauline J. Alama
“Yuri Gagarin Sees God” by J. S. Bangs
“Confinement” by Kenneth Schneyer
“The Angel Hunters” by Christian Leithart
“Cutio” by F. R. Michaels
“St. Roomba’s Gospel” by Rachael K. Jones
“Yuki and the Seven Oni” by  S. Q. Eries
“A Recipe for Rain and Rainbows” by Beth Cato
“This Far Gethsemane” by G. Scott Huggins
“Ascension” by Laurel Amberdine
“Cracked Reflections” by Joanna Michal Hoyt
“The Physics of Faith” by Mike Barretta
“Horologium” by Sarah Ellen Rogers

Congratulations to our authors, and thanks to all of you for your support!  We received over 450 submissions and chose 20 stories out of those, rejecting many that we both would have loved to include. It was a tough decision, but we're really happy with all the selected stories, and we think this will be a great anthology.

We plan to have it out sometime this summer; until then, you can subscribe to our newsletter for more frequent updates. And please, encourage friends and family members who you think might be interested in the project to come here and pre-order their own copy!