Table of Contents!
Hey all you wonderful people, you! I wanted to give you an update. I've readjusted my patreon a little. The only thing I did was create a table of contents in my profile section. This means that those of you who are supporting $5 or more per month will be able to just go to my home page, and click the links in order instead of scrolling for days.

So, for those of you who are wondering where chapter 1 is (since my post count bumped it off page 1), you can just look at my profile information! The place where it says, "Why Megan is on Patreon." Just scroll to the bottom of that - making sure to quickly bypass that terribad video of mine ;-) - and the links are there for you! They even open in a new tab, so if you accidentally close down the chapter post, you'll be right back where you started at the table of contents.

Sure hope that makes life easier for you! Thanks, again, for supporting me! I hope I can continue to entertain!