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Avoid the Protagonist!


As tragedy befalls Xin Siyue, she soon finds herself transmigrated into a novel world as a character. To her disappointment, she became the villainess who obsessively chased after the male protagonist while scheming to tear apart his relationship with his beloved. 

To avoid her death route, Xin Siyue carefully avoided the male and female protagonists at every turn. Instead, she went off on her own to enjoy life. But somewhere along the way, she made a mistake-- the male protagonist took notice of her!

Xin Siyue’s eyes teared up as she was being kissed in Chen Sinan’s arms. ‘No! This wasn’t in the plot!’

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Ch.1 Same Name (1) 

Ch.2 Same Name (2) 

Ch.3 Same Name (3)


When Qiao Moyu awakened, she found herself in a novel world and had become the villainess  who was loathed by the President, the story’s male protagonist.

Qiao Moyu, the President's childhood friend, came to his door whilst holding a baby, but the man said he won’t take any responsibility since the child wasn't his!

As she stared at her adorable and proud little toddler, Qiao Moyu decided to take this chance to raise her son while having a fresh start in her acting career. As for the other problems, she'll just take it easy!

However, a few months later ~

President: “You’re not some worthless mosquito blood, you’re my white moonlight (first love).” 

Little Luo: “Mama, he’s not baobei’s father. Baobei doesn’t want him.”

A certain Film Emperor: “I want both you and the child.”

Online fans: “Qiao Moyu is ours!”

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Ch.84 Exposed (1) 

Ch.85 Exposed (2) 

Ch.86 Exposed (3) 


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Ch.87 A Father Figure (1) 

Ch.88 A Father Figure (2) 

Ch.89 A Father Figure (3) 


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Ch.90 The First Step to Counterattack (1) 

Ch.91 The First Step to Counterattack (2) 

Ch.92 The First Step to Counterattack (3) 


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Ch.93 Charity (1) 

Ch.94 Charity (2) 

Ch.95 Charity (3) 

Ch.96 Comparisons (1) 

Ch.97 Comparisons (2) --updated 6/22/2019


Gu Jin crossed into a novel as the supporting character and best friend of the female protagonist, Chen Xin, who was frequently surrounded by men of status and quality. The two cousins believed they’d enjoy this friendship for a lifetime.

But soon, Gu Jin discovered the body she crossed into had memories of future events beyond the novel’s plot, finding out that her marriage would end in utter failure. Her husband, the second male lead named Shao Chong, would neglect their marriage because of his infatuation for Cheng Xin. On the day Gu Jin was kidnapped and beaten to death, her good husband stayed by her cousin’s side and accompanied her to the hospital. When Gu Jin transmigrated into this new world and learned of the truth, she did not wish to waste this new life as a supporting role for her cousin as the previous soul had done. She’d not live a life as a spectator in someone else’s love story. No. She would be the protagonist of her own romance in this new life.

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Ch.129 Brother-in-law (2) 

Ch.130 Brother-in-law (3) 

Ch.131 Flaunting 


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Ch.132 Meeting Her Parents (1) 

Ch.133 Meeting Her Parents (2) 

Ch.134 Meeting Her Parents (3) 


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Ch.135 Meeting Her Parents (4) 

Ch.136 Teaching Him a Lesson  

Ch.137 A Good Show (1) 


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Ch.138 A Good Show (2) 

Ch.139 A Good Show (3) 

Ch.140 A Good Show (4) 


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Ch.141 Meeting His Parents (1) 

Ch.142 Sister-in-law 

Ch.143 Truth 


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Ch.144 Disapproval 

Ch.145 The Past 

Ch.146 Demise 

Ch.147 Finale--Gu Jin and Mu Mingcheng (1) 

Ch.148 Finale--Gu Jin and Mu Mingcheng (2) 

Ch.149 Finale--Gu Jin and Mu Mingcheng (3)

Ch.150 Finale--Cheng Xin (1) --updated 6/24/19



Gong Yi Mo crosses into a different time and space from her modern era. In this new world similar to ancient China, she became an influential princess who introduced various technologies and inventions that unfortunately caused devastating war. She fell in love with the handsome emperor, Gong Che and helped him rise to power, but he soon left the willful and strong Gong Yi Mo for the gentle white lotus named Su Miaolan. Betrayed by the man she loved and branded as a villainess, Gong Yi Mo was hunted down by another one of Su Miaolan’s admirers, the dangerous Regent Prince, Gong Jue. 

As she bled to death under Prince Gong Jue’s sword, Gong Yi Mo vowed that if she had another life, she would never fall in love again. To her astonishment, she went back in time to when she was still a young little princess in the cold palace! This is the story of her second life in this world!

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Ch.177 Changed (2) 

Ch.178 Meeting Again (1) 

Ch.179 Meeting Again (2) 

Ch.180 Sleeping in His Embrace (1) 

Ch.181 Sleeping in His Embrace (2) 


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Ch.182 Her Secrets (1) 

Ch.183 Her Secrets (2) 

Ch.184 Snowy Afternoon (1) 

Ch.185 Snowy Afternoon (2) 

Ch.186 Lingering Kiss (1) 


#4 TIER--( 16 advanced chapters)--$20

Ch.187 Lingering Kiss (2) 

Ch.188 Breaking through the Encirclement (1) 

Ch.189 Breaking through the Encirclement (2) 

Ch.190 Injuries (1) 

Ch.191 Injuries (2) 


#5 TIER--( 21 advanced chapters)--$30

Ch.192 A Man Who Frightens Even Ghosts (1) 

Ch.193 A Man Who Frightens Even Ghosts (2) 

Ch.194 Making Medicine Out of Blood (1) 

Ch.195 Making Medicine Out of Blood (2) 

Ch.196 Those with a Strong Heart (1) 


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Ch.197 Those with a Strong Heart (2) 

Ch.198 A Reason to Love Her (1) 

Ch.199 A Reason to Love Her (2) 

Ch.200 The Person In His Heart (1) 

Ch.201 The Person in His Heart (2) 

Ch.202 A Deal (1) 

Ch.203 A Deal (2) 

Ch.204 A Life in Exchange for Medicine (1) 


#6 TIER--( 39 advanced chapters)--$80 

Ch.205 A Life in Exchange for Medicine (2)  

Ch.206 Testing the Medicine in Person (1) 

Ch.207 Testing the Medicine in Person (2) 

Ch.208 Everything that's Mine is Yours (1) 

Ch.209 Everything that's Mine is Yours (2) 

Ch.210 Next Time, I'll Kill You (1) 

Ch.211 Next Time, I'll Kill You (2) 

Ch.212 Gong Jue's Rage (1)

Ch.213 Gong Jue's Rage (2) 

Ch.214 Can't Go Against Her Wishes (1) --updated 6/22/2019


Exclusive Novel -- $80 Tier


Ye Xi crossed over into a typical idol romance novel as the villainess.

For the sake of her safety, she decided to distance herself from the male and female protagonists while silently observing their real-life version of a school idol drama. Everyday, she would repeatedly ridicule the main protagonists in her thoughts, along with their group of friends and fans.

It’s not surprising, however, that the male protagonist’s special ability is to hear the voices of other people’s thoughts. So he listened to all kinds of curses that Ye Xi secretly harbored and recorded them one by one.

Expressionless Male Protagonist: the future is long, your debts will slowly be collected.

Ye Xi covers her ears: I’m not listening, not listening, *recites Wang Ba’s Sutras*

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