Tabletop Review: Fluxx
Recommended:  This game is great fun for groups, and while not as fun for a smaller table of 2-3 players it's still very playable.  It's affordable, and you get a lot of variety without spending too much money for expansions.  It's fun for families looking for something for game night, but also good for parties and groups of gamers looking for something quick.  Being very portable makes this game perfect for trips, conventions, a desk drawer at work, or stuck on a school bus trip.  All you really need is a flat place to set the deck and whatever rule cards are in play, so playing on a book in someone's lap while trucking down the road is very doable.  Games can be quick, but rarely last longer than 45 minutes, so a group can easily work a hand in between larger games, or while waiting for an event at a convention for example.  If you like fun games that aren't too serious, have simple rules, and a good bit of humor I think you'll enjoy Fluxx.

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