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Taj Jabbar

Taj Jabbar (The Giant Crown), commonly known as The Giant, is a gas giant larger than Jupiter, with 40 moons. Life has been discovered on seven moons, and on the largest, Barkha (lower left) a sentient semi-aquatic mammalian race is entering their bronze age and inventing their first religions. As of right now their rudimentary science places Taj Jabbar at the center of the universe and serves as an arena for the valiant gods of the storm that they believe battle there.

The Giant has a super-powerful magnetic field which results in exotic aurora on its poles. The Barkhians can see the glowing azurian dancing lights with unaided vision and zeno-anthropologists have discovered at least 12,000 different legends and myths about the Aurora Superioris. The magnetic field also protects its moons from most of the solar radiation from the star. The intense gravitational tidal forces result in volcanic activity on Barkha, which is mostly covered in water (like Earth). Life on Barkha probably began in the warm geothermal shallows on its surface.

Similar to Jupiter, Taj Jabbar is thought to have undergone extreme orbital fluctuations in the past, moving in closer to the star it orbits, then being pulled out by its sister gas giant, the lovely blue Almhia, which is half the diameter.

Taj Jabbar is believed to have a solid ice core. Probes launched into its atmosphere have found traces of organic molecules, suggesting that life may also live in the Giant, floating in its vast clouds of hydrogen and helium gas.