TAKE 2: New live video "Yes I Will"
(Apologies friends, for the double-email. I realized that the audio on the video "Yes I Will" was funky, so I re-uploaded to YouTube. You'll appreciate it more now, I promise!)


Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

Patreon friends, we've made it to 2018. Three great hurrahs for your brave, bountiful souls. If you are here, you met the strange, slalomy spirits of the last turn. They shook you till your bones rattled. The fire flickered on the wick. But you did not let them snuff you out. 

Last year was a kick in the pants. I'm truly grateful that you're all here with me. I'm delighted to see you. 

As Edna St. Vincent Millay says, "Night falls fast. Today is in the past." On January 1st, 2018 you rose with the sun. You will do it again tomorrow. 

Yes you will. 

Today, I'm sharing a new live video of my song, "Yes I Will" recorded at the Grace Lutheran Church Chapel in Corvallis, Oregon. Attached is the audio recording of the song as well, for you to download at your leisure. 

Hurrah, dear friends. Hurrah. 

Yes I Will  - Lyrics

Do you need to walk your own path?
Do you need to study the anger in your breath?
Do you need to carry your buckets up the hill?
Yes I will, Yes I will, Yes I will, Yes I will 
Do you hold the shivering song bird in your hand?
Did you sing the psalms that ring from childhood?
Did you drink the wetting water until you had your fill?
Yes I will, Yes I will, Yes I will, Yes I will 
Did you open up the ocean and look deep in?
Did you dip your bucket in and then again and again?
Did the salt start to ring around the edge where all was still?
Yes it will, yes it will, yes it will, yes it will 
Did you sit all alone and start crying?
Did you face the truths that you have been denyin’?
Did you sit there so long, that your thoughts began to spill
Yes they will, yes they will, yes they will, yes they will 
Open, yes they will open.



(Collage made with oragami paper & recycled cardboard.)

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