Take the bitter with the sweet.
Hey! Thanks to everyone who came to the stream!^^ I drew Menos and this one, Shadelle with Irithma summoned behind her. Yes, that's his insignia on her macuahuitl. Gotta show who she supports! 

Originally Shadelle had Menos as her ispher that she followed and thus gained the powers from. But I looked at the line up of characters and noticed, I already had earth, and earth isn't supposed to be used in the sort of team that Shadelle is in. Also, I got a small kick out of thinking about this "srs bznz" Toimendos ispherian, coupled up with this happy-go-lucky Toimendos demi-god. XD How did she end up chosing him?? 

Maybe he chose her. 

Dun dun DUN!