Take a Break- Disney Breakrooms (and a couple of updates)
It's time for a break!  Cast members aren't allowed to eat, drink, or use rest rooms where guests might see them, so where do they go?  What are their break rooms like?  And which ones were my favorites?

Don't miss my livestream Q&A tomorrow evening!  I'll be online Friday starting at 7pm Central time (8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific)  Hope to see you there!

I'm slowly catching up after our week in the Smokies.  If you missed them, I posted videos on Monday of the train ride at Dollywood and on Tuesday with another mail call.  I'm hoping to have the last Worlds of Fun Video up this weekend if my schedule allows me to get it finished.

Then after that I start on the Gatlinburg and Dollywood videos.  I've over 70 clips to edit in (I think it's actually closer to 100) of Dollywood, the Aquarium, Ober Gatlinburg,and many of the other attractions in Gatlinburg.  So it's going to take a little while and a number of videos.  Don't worry, I'll still be getting the confessions videos in there as well.  But hope you enjoy the stream of videos that will be coming in the next couple of weeks!

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