So I wanted to share this. This is a drawing I'm making for the *ahem* naughtier side of Patreon, and a great excuse to get back into a painting routine I've long neglected. 

I was recording a painting session with image number one. I had a sketch underneath and was pretty happy with it, and got into the zone of building up tone, etc . Then I stopped painting. Made a cup of tea and came back and wondered when the hell did the jaw replace the man. Floopin' heck! Look at that thing. 

So made amendments in image 2. Slightly better, still not right. Went away for a bit, came back and finished at image 3. I wanted to note all the changes I made to get to that point. It still needs work, but I found this process so far very interesting.

There are going to be mistakes. Its always good to rest your eyes and come back with fresh perspective.