Taking Another Crack at Patreon
I decided that I've neglected Patreon for too long. I haven't really been using it as best I could to everyone's benefit, so I'm going to make a few changes to the rewards tiers and structure.  I'm still planning out what I'm going to do exactly, so let me know if you guys have any suggestions.

First, I'm definitely going to actually add rewards tiers. Right now there's only one, which is OK, but it's pretty boring and I haven't even been keeping up with what I said I would.  So I'm going to add some more specific rewards at different levels so you guys can have a better idea of what to expect.

Next, I'm considering switching the reward schedule from monthly to per-video, because I think it would be nicer to know exactly what you're supporting, instead of a monthly "pay your dues" kind of thing.  I know some of you may be concerned this would mean you guys would be paying a lot of money when I upload more often. I'm still working through solutions for this, such as only having one video a week count or something like that. However, Patreon does have a setting where you can choose the maximum monthly donation, no matter how many videos are put out.

I'm still working through possible rewards, and would be open to suggestions.  I'm not going to be changing anything right away, so there is probably going to be about a week or so before I get everything set up the way I think everyone would be happy.

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