Taking A Break
These last few weeks have been both great and exhausting at the same time. As Awakening has ballooned in popularity so has the community surrounding it, and with that the expectations that they hold. Working on the pack and dealing with issue reports and community problems has pretty much become a full time job, taking up every last second of my free time. Even when I step away for five minutes I can't stop thinking about outstanding issues and feel like I am letting people down by not getting them sorted immediately, or that the issue reports etc will keep piling up if I don't (which they usually do). I also find a lot of my free time wasted by people posting trivial issues or blaming me for stupid things (like them not being able to run the pack, only to find out they are using a 14 year old laptop with 512MB RAM; I kid you not).

Awakening was started nearly a year and a half ago as a hobby project, and as a hobby project it has always been fun to work on. As it has changed into essentially an unpaid job, that fun and excitement to work on the pack has faded. With that said Awakening will always be a 'forever' project that I will continue to update for as long as my love for Minecraft continues (something I can't see happening any time soon). I want to get back to that hobby feel and the excitement I used to feel.

With that in mind I plan to take a step back from the social side of the pack. Waking up every morning and having to check numerous social platforms and being bombarded by negative comments and numerous bug reports is disheartening and not a great way to start the day. And checking again before bed often leaves me restless and unable to sleep.

So I will be taking a week or two hiatus from all social media for a couple of weeks. I will still check the issue tracker, but rather than checking it 5 times a day, I will try and take a look at least once a week to fix any major problems. Also please don't post bugs to anywhere else, they wont get fixed. I will no longer deal with issue reports anywhere else.

I plan to take some time out to chill and actually play some games for fun again. I literally haven't played a game just to have fun since well before Christmas! And even longer for Minecraft (I literally can't remember the last time I just played Minecraft for the fun of it).

I will probably return to social at some point inevitably, but I certainly wont be reading every post as I have been, and will do so hopefully in a much more laid back way.

Thanks for your understanding.