Taking a Break - Revamping Patreon
Yet again, right before the charges went thru to pay me for all of April's content (payment has always been you are charged the 1st for last months content to ensure no one is charged if I cant make anything) People unsubscribed.. It had me thinking, and I think most people just dont follow me for nsfw. None of my followers are really into it. Thats why even with a cumulative 4k followers, im averaging 6 patrons.

Im thinking i will do video tutorials, workshops, step by steps etc. And take patron only requests for the content in these. I have a looot of tips and tricks to share and many of my followers are artists themselves, so this seems more likely to raise an interest.

I'll be switching my patreon to post only so you will not be charged june 1st while I set everything up in may. Feel free to cancel and resub or just wait for the revamped launch!