Taking a break from twitter, and you should read a thing.
I don't think twitter / online / large social networks are healthy places for me. They are daily reminders that somehow I am am awful person, and this article explains it better than I ever could : http://thenewinquiry.com/essays/hot-allostatic-load/ Her experience mimics my own, but with my experiences happening mainly on the fringes of the indie gaming scene as someone who didn't even get a chance to be involved with the spaces she speaks of, and hell, it even speaks to my experience in the the guitar pedal industry as I transitioned. I don't like playing the "trans card" but there comes a point when the same things happen again and again without any seemingly rational rhyme or reason, yet a few key variable remain constant that it's hard to ignore the reality. ... reality is poison for trans folk of a certain ilk, and I am one of them. Anyhow. I want to believe that Patreon is still a place I can be to help further my passions, so I am going to stick around here at the very least until even this fails. I don't have a lot of faith in much anymore to be quite frank. We'll see. Please read the thing, as it says better than I could ever my experience to the cultural / social negative aspects of my transition and why I ultimately don't feel there is a lot of hope for me to ever lead an even relatively normal and healthy life : http://thenewinquiry.com/essays/hot-allostatic-load/