Taking a Break (For Now...)

Hey what’s up everybody, it’s the one and only AD the Tribal Child once again. This is yet another update, and I’ve came across some bumps in the road which is the reason why. Just to get it out the way, first things first, due to financial trouble that is beyond my control, I had to pawn my camcorder again just to have some money in my pocket until I get paid from my job. With my microphone out of commission and my tripod is beyond repair, I really have to buckle down and make some sacrifices. As much as I want to keep making content, I have to prioritize my survival and responsibilities over my hobby. Sadly, with the job transfer I work less hours and earn less, leaving only enough to take care of bill throughout the month. So don’t expect any new content anytime soon, even if I do get my camera out the pawn shop. 

By now, everybody who has a social media account has heard about Logan Paul and his idiotic exploitation of a suicide casualty. As someone who is currently living with Major Depressive Disorder and Major Anxiety, not only Logan’s actions angers me, but as well as the hypocrisy YouTube’s demonetizing content that are not considered advertising friendly. It sucks because aspiring content creators like myself are forced to censor themselves while Logan Paul’s blatant disrespect to the dead has 6 million views and was trending before he took down the video himself.

The events from past month, especially the pass week, really got me discourage to continue on my channel. After some soul searching and spending a night at the hospital, I decided to take a short break from making videos. I can’t say how long this hiatus will be this time around, but I needed time to reflect on myself, my finances, as well as my channel. I feel like after 6-going-on-7 years on YouTube had gone down the drain with YouTube’s strict policies and their abuse of power. The struggle really sucks as everyday person and as I content creator, and I think now it’s a better time to focus on myself for awhile.

This is how I not want to start the New Year, at least for my channel, but given the circumstances, shit happens!  I want to take the time to thank you all for understanding and your patience. Hopefully in 2018, I’ll all pay off in the end. As always be sure to follow me on social media for updates on my channel, website, and everything in between. Again, this is the one and only AD the Tribal Child wishing you all a happy, healthy and safe holiday season and a fresh start of the upcoming New Year. Thanks for watching and keep it lock!

~ADtheTribalChild ````;P