Taking part in my first Open Studios event
This week (25th July) I am taking part in the Tywi Valley Open Studios event in Carmarthenshire, Wales along with 23 other artists who live and work in the area. I've temporarily moved my entire output over to my sister's studio who is a textile artist (and also one of my Patreon patron) and commandeered two walls on which to hang work. After an amazing launch on Friday night (must have been over 200 people), we welcomed 18 vistors over the first weekend and have sold 15 assorted pieces between us (although my sister is doing a lot better than I am at the moment). If I cover my costs I will be happy but it's great to be part of the art community around here. This is the first time I've had my entire body of work hung in the same place - I need to do a specific post about that actually because it's bring up strange feelings - positive and negative. Mainly to do with the transition between learning and expression. I'll post the link to the website below.
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