Tal Babitzky Fusion Band
Tal Babitzky Fusion Band (TBFB) is a group of highly versatile musicians, producing a blend of Pop, R&B/Soul and Jazz sprinkled with middle eastern flavours, taking the listener along on a musical odyssey.  

Ethereal Fusion is a link between nature and our feelings. It invokes our deepest memories for years ago, and radiates energy that allows our imagination to flourish.

Whenever I describe the of music I make my old photo album comes to my mind, containing childhood moments and photos, with an extra helping of yearning and longing for past eras and people. eras and people that were. eras and people that will not resurface.

onwards to pictures of the sea, pictures of mountains, pictures of sunset, pictures of sunrise. carrying on with a car trip vista (pictures of whatever I saw through the vista of the car window), things like houses and skies....

suddenly I stumble across a picture of my grandma who bought my first piano, and then images of immigration from Lithuania to Israel that come to my mind

TBFB creates music for an audience that craves honest, quality music that comes from the  heart. We like to define our style as "Ethereal Fusion" a link be tween nature and our feelings.