Tale Foundry Bookmarks! ('till March 1st only!)

If you're new to the Tale Foundry patreon, welcome! 

You couldn't have picked a better time to join the community. This is a pivotal moment in Tale Foundry's story, and we're commemorating it with something special that will never be available again...

Every new patron who joins at the $10 tier or higher will get a free bookmark mailed to them automatically.

You don't need to do anything else. Just join up, make sure you include your address, and you'll receive your premium, copper foil-stamped, double-sided bookmark and tassel in the mail!
NOTE: existing patrons who change their tier to a $10+ tier will not unlock a bookmark—see below for information on how to get your bookmark if you're an existing patron

This is also available to all our existing patrons, who will get to apply all their appropriate discounts. Just follow the link below to see how!

If you've been a patron for a while, click here to see the details on how to get your own bookmark at a discount! 

It's been a rough year, but we have a bright future to look forward to thanks to all of you. Here's to all of you helpful humans and your wonderful, creative brains.

I look forward to making stuff up with all of you.

—Benji, on behalf of the team and the community