The Tale of My Generous Teacher Partner
It started on a yummy fall evening:

I was the most cheerful burglar around,

He was the most liberal instructor.

He was my accomplice,

My liberal accomplice,

My instructor.

We used to snuggle so well together,

In those days.

We needed to snuggle together, around the globe,

We needed it all.

Be that as it may, one evening, one yummy evening,

We chose to snuggle excessively.

Together we pushed a woman.

It was small, so minor.

From that minute our relationship changed.

He developed so bushy.

And afterward it happened:

God help us! Goodness!

He cuddled a base.

Tsk-tsk, a base!

My accomplice cuddled a base.

It was wild, so wild.

The following day I thought my heart had broken,

I thought my tummy had blasted into flares,

(In any case, I was really overcompensating a bit.)

Yet at the same time, he is in my musings.

I consider how everything changed that evening,

That yummy harvest time evening.

My midsection... ouch!

When I think about that liberal educator,

That liberal educator and me.