Tales From The Express (En8)
Tales From The Express - Encounter 8: Broken Advisor

I know I am there for others. Whenever they need that specific information, important phone number or directions to the centre's nearest bathroom, I am incredibly happy to help. But even in that fulfilment, I still remember how long it's been since I stopped helping Myself. I know I am not in the best shape and my health keeps getting worse by the day, but I have that same fear... I am afraid that if I start taking personal matters seriously, I might become too selfish to help those around me. Can that be true? Or as long as I found my lost stash of self-esteem in my job I should just keep at it? Should I focus on giving or having? Contribution or Survival? I don't master those questions yet, but I know I can get you a quick appointment with the marketing executive on the 4th floor, ok sweetie?