Tales From My D&D Campaign #40

Thank you for your massive patience (and/or for barely restraining your impatient rage); this took about 50% too long, but it's also about 1.5 episodes worth, so HOPEFULLY it breaks even?

For the super-generous members of The Organization: I know episodes don't come even close to one-per-month as I was trying for, but I will be tabulating and crediting how many months you have paid in at The Organization level, so that even if you change your pledge amount, you should still appear in about 1-episode-per month (assuming I can keep the series long enough to 'repay' you in this fashion - since you will likely be gaining 'months' faster than I'll be cranking out episodes).

Anyhow, this one finishes off a major arc of the campaign (you could call it "Season 2", if Season 1 was everything up to and including #26. There's one more major arc (I would estimate it's of similar size) before we're caught up, and hopefully we'll play more of this campaign before that anyway.

I'm probably changing gears briefly, doing "one episode-worth" of something different before I start the next arc in #41. Likely it's a new Legends video (sorry, not LittleOne's mother... I want one more change to work on my style before I try to tackle that one). There are other projects I want to put time into as well, but I don't want to talk yet about things that may not happen...

Anyway, thanks again for all your support and kind words, and I hope you enjoy this MASSIVE and too-long-awaited episode! (48 minutes, including all the crud)