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Tales of 52/14 Projects Past!
I realized I have yet to mention two great projects you have helped support through this Patreon, both available for free now online. First, I launched an open call for short story collection with a teaser tale called simply "The Cryptkeepers". The book will collect multiple stories of an organization by that name, a team of cryptid hunters with a desire to contain the spread of weird creatures before they can do harm to the human race. You can read it all at Super Powered Fiction: And if you're interested in writing for it, let me know! I also debuted the third volume of my serial fiction piece Walking Shadows at the beginning of September. The ongoing adventures of Ian, Cyrus, Stomp and company will continue online for the foreseeable future, with the first collection coming soon in ebook and print formats. But my continued production of the project wouldn't be possible without Patreon support. The link below will take you to Volume 3 from the beginning or you can read the entire thing online now at Walking Shadows.
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