Tales of the Drunken Paladin: New Content
 Hi everyone!

I've been making a lot of changes to TDP lately, and I'm starting to lose track.

A SIGNIFICANT portion of vanilla TDP has had another fresh layer of writing edits done to bring the main story up to more recent standards of polish and continuity. Spelling, grammar and text run-off are likely, so the more eyes I have on this stuff, the better.

Additionally, the digging system got a big overhaul, converting it from an event-by-event basis to a common event with a rebuilt RNG system from scratch. Instead of roughly 25 different outcomes from digging, we're looking at closer to 50 with a LOT of new items added to the game. I'll need lots and lots of digging tests to make sure the system doesn't break anything, especially balance-wise. Lucky/persistent players may have access to stronger items earlier in the game, as well as harder bosses earlier than anticipated.

Every character now has at least 1 hidden/optional skill or special unique endgame equipment, some of which are found through digging and the auction house. These need a lot of balance testing and continuity testing to make sure it all flows together smoothly and works like it should.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, there is a new NPC in Brunswick Valley that triggers a big quest in Topsham. This quest requires the most elaborate eventing I've ever done by far, and it's not even finished yet. This quest basically asks the player to divide their cast of characters into 3 groups and send them on a mission, which it then ranks based on your choices, skills, level and equipment. I basically need as many different varieties of saves attempting this as possible before I can finish it all up and push it all out publicly.

Any volunteers will be greatly appreciated!