Tales of the First: Indigo: Chapter One Page Thirteen
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Sienna readied herself for another attack signalling her friends to carry on while she had the guy distracted then froze when instead of charging again he gave another inhuman bellow and shattered glass and broken masonry rose off the ground and flew towards the four of them. Sienna threw up her hand in what should have been a futile warding gesture and the pain that had been building in her head exploded before fading to nothing. In the same instant the flying masonry stopped short, disintegrated and fell to floor as a fine dust.

“What the fuck!” Sienna usually tried not to swear because it upset her parents but right now it seemed appropriate. She didn’t have time to puzzle over the problem any more than that because their assailant rushed at them again. Sienna didn’t even think about it she just threw out an arm again and imagined him being thrown away from them. She had no idea why she knew it would work but she did and she was right. A wave of energy passed out of her and struck the man. He cried out and flew back into a wall with a sickening crunch. He hit the ground unconscious, at least Sienna hoped he was unconscious and not worse. After a moment she saw his chest rising and falling and sighed with relief. She steeled herself and turned to look at her friends. Lucy was still struggling to breathe and seemed unaware of what had happened but as Sienna had feared Charlotte and Wendy were staring at her with scared and bewildered expressions. Sienna imagined her face looked much the same.

“H-how did you do that?” Charlotte asked. “What are you?”

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