Tales of Phantasia Items - Free Cross Stitch Pattern

The lease for my new place has been signed, and deposits have been put down!
I definitely would not have managed that without your support, as well as the Stardew Valley sales, so thank you. Truly. <3

Been spending the last week packing and making lists of things I need to buy (A vaccuum, basic pots and pans and kitchen essentials, tv stands, etc.) I've read more reviews on household items in the last week than I ever wanted to. Ever.

As such, I don't have any new designs for you guys quite yet. I have been working on a Veritaserum design, so look forward to that in the next month or so. 

In the meantime, here's some designs I never posted. They're based on items from the Tales of Phantasia game. 

I don't know how many of you have played the game, but it's got some lovely food art that I just had to stitch up!

There's also a SNES controller design from the game, which I thought would be fun to stitch.

Hope you guys enjoy them <3

Update Feb 2022: I have spent many hours redoing all my PDFs this year. Changes include removing discontinued colors, giving specialty thread alternatives, and listing stitch counts. Please do let me know if there are any errors with the new pattern!

I've also included a plain, Pattern Keeper friendlier version. As I don't use PK, it would be helpful if you let me know if it has any issues importing certain symbols or colors. (Besides, of course, backstitching and quarter stitching on certain designs.)

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