Tales of Tamriel Episode 72: ERP and Proximity Chat
Welcome back ladies and gentleman to Episode 72: ERP and Proximity Chat of Tales of Tamriel, a Dungeon Crawler Network Production! Join Aggelos, Avi Optimal, and Setsua for this studio recording (Asteldian had to take the week off because his wife had a birthday. I know I know, he should have just said she has had enough birthdays and came on and did the show anyway but he might have been murdered...) where we go over game news including Patch 2.0.13, ESOTU Dominates PS4 Sales, and ESOTU Crew Appearing at Quakecon 2015!

During our Discussion Topic, We talk about how lonely the consoles are even with the incredible sales they are reporting. A lot of this is due to the proximity chat and how interesting of a concept it is and that it really brings you into the world but how poorly it translate to fun game play. Setsua highlights his experiences on the PS4 and telling of how awkard it is hearing people do all manner of things over an open microphone and Aggelos doesn't miss the opportunity to mention how great of a feature this must be for the ERP (Erotic Roleplay) community...

During our game play, we talk everything from PvP in Cyrodiil, pledges and priestess who die way to quickly in Craglorn!

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