Tales of Tamriel Episode 83: Through The Glass
Episode 83: Through The Glass of Tales of Tamriel, a Dungeon Crawler Network Production is out for your listening pleasure and obvious tribute to Stone Sour! Join Aggelos and Avi Optimal as they go over what little game news there was including Patch 2.1.7, Hotfix on 9/28/2015, Voice Chat Coming to The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited for PC/Mac, and Crown Store updates.

We also get into a large rant about the most recent Crown Store update and highlight a lot of the other people in the community including Evarwyn of Elder Scrolls Off The Record and Elloa Wendy and her Rantosaurus video about the move by Zenimax Online Studios to add the Glass Motif and Malachite to the Crown Store less then a month after their release! Be sure to check out the latest episodes of Elder Scrolls Off the Record, Elloa's video and her forum post on the official forums arguing against this Crown Store addition and let us know your thoughts as well! Be sure to send us your thoughts via email to [email protected].

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