Tales of Tamriel Episode 106: Sweet Mother Sweet Mother
This week on Episode 106: Sweet Mother Sweet Mother, Aggelos (@Aggelos_WoF) and Avi Optimal (@Avioptimal) talk all the latest news this week including Weekly Vendor review, Patch 2.3.9, ESO at PAX East, The Elder Scrolls Legends, and all things Dark Brotherhood! Sweet Mother, Sweet Mother, Send your Child unto Me, For the Sins of the Unworthy must be Baptized in Blood and Fear!

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Show Notes:

- News: Weekly PvP Vendor Review

- News: Patch 2.3.9

- News: ESO Team at PAX East 2016

- News: TES Legends Beta Signups Started

- News: Dark Brotherhood DLC LIVE on PTS April 25, 2016!

- Discussion: Sweet Mother Sweet Mother

- Gameplay

- Mailbag

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