Talk 4: George Buckenham
Hi kind supporters!

So, find attached the text from George's walk, and for the first time, an audio recording of the text! It's not from the night itself, where the levels were a bit on the high end, but a quick run through I recorded today.

During the performance I ran Logic up on the screen behind me, and live mixed the different tracks, arranging them, changing automation etc. as I went. This meant that there's pretty much always the odd pause or mistake that works best when you can see my process. That's sort of the point. (Also not having to do things perfectly works for me). In the spirit of that, this is just the first take when I plugged in all the stuff this afternoon.

The track features recorded rain, thunder, footsteps from the walk, and also a true story of mine I felt was intimately related to the otherwise abstract discussion of social housing.

The backing music an approx 20 min playthrough I recorded of Panoramical. This scene that I've taken the sound from has visual design by George, and portrays the landscape of North East London as seen from a train. Check out Panoramical, it's great.

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Panoramical scene by GEORGE BUCKENHAM (V21) and JUKIO KALLIO aka KOZILEK. Panoramical in general by David Kanaga and Fernando Ramallo

Feel free to share the audio if you find it interesting!

I'm really looking forward to getting started on writing October's talk next week - getting lost in the cloud line with Ed Key.

Stay rad, and thank you for the things you make possible.


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