Talk Star Wars VIP Meet Up
Hey everyone, I am planning a Talk Star Wars VIP meet up for January 2018. I'm hoping we can pick a weekend and head to a theatre to watch The Last Jedi and then spend some time together after to talk about the movie. 

I might be able to do something with the management of my theatre chain, no promises yet, but we might be able to see The Last Jedi in XPlus Laser with ATMOS sound. 

Now, I know that many of our community are outside of the UK, but perhaps we will be able to do a little facebook live to include those of you who can't make it. For those of you around the UK, you're more than welcome to join us. There are a couple of little hotels locally, Premier Inns etc, that offer reasonable prices if you wanted to make a day of it! Maybe we can get some dinner and a drink in the evening? I will try to cut a deal with my theatre to get tickets for as many people as possible so that at least that cost is covered. Let me know if you'd be interested and we can start working on a date. Families are welcome of course! No one gets left behind. It would be wonderful to meet as many of you as possible in person! 


PS, If you are not yet a Talk Star Wars Patron, we would love for you to join our community and share in this event!